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Doctorate or doctoral degrees are the highest academic degrees offered. PhDs can be earned in many areas, including history, sociology, and criminology. EdDs are specific to the Education field, although some education programs offer PhDs. Earning a doctoral degree (on campus or through online colleges) can qualify you to teach in higher education.

Benefits of Earning Online Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral degrees represent high-level thinking, writing, and research skills. Earning your degree via online colleges means you can create your own schedule and won't be limited to attending local colleges. Earning doctorate degrees, on average, can also enhance weekly earnings and job stability. Consider these 2016 median-based earnings statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

  • Associate degree: $819/week, 3.6 percent unemployment
  • Bachelor's degree: $1,156/week, 2.7 percent unemployment
  • Master's degree: $1,380/week, 2.4 percent unemployment
  • Professional degree: $1,745/week, 1.6 percent unemployment
  • Doctoral degree: $1,664/week, 1.6 percent unemployment

Not all doctoral degree holders teach. Others work as researchers, consultants, and in various other positions that demand high-level thinking.

Featured Doctoral Degree programs

The following is a list of some of the many PhD programs available in the U.S., with links to summaries of the field to help you decide whether it is a subject you wish to pursue.

Healthcare & Nursing
These graduates became doctors, counselors, physical therapists, podiatrists, medical researchers or one of a wide range of medical specialties. Most medical professions require an internship or residency.

Law & Criminal Justice
People with doctorates in law or legal studies often find work as lawyers, teachers, jurists, magistrates or judges.

Students earning a doctorate in education can often find work in postsecondary education, teaching those who wish to earn degrees in the other categories on this list.

Engineering & Construction
Doctorates in engineering can lead to jobs as postsecondary teachers, but also jobs in the field as any one of a number of engineering disciplines, from nuclear engineering to civil engineering. Most engineering jobs require only a bachelor's degree, but many students seek higher-level degrees so they can teach or conduct research.

High-level studies in psychology prepare students to work as clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists and therapists. Psychiatrists must attend medical school and complete a four-year residency. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists also must complete an internship/residency.

Political Science
Students with doctorates in social sciences graduate with a deep understanding of economics, political science and econometrics, and are highly valued in education, government and industry.

Most students graduating with a PhD in business are headed to teaching or research jobs at colleges or universities.

Computer Science
These graduates invent and design new approaches to using computers.

Mathematics & Statistics
The demand for mathematicians continues to grow as the federal government and private industry turn to them for help with engineering and other science challenges.

Students who earn a doctorate in English often go into teaching, where the demand for teachers is growing.

Historians with a PhD often teach at the postsecondary level, write books and articles about history, or use their deep knowledge of historical periods to advise governments on national and international affairs.

Social Work & Human Services
People who earn doctorates in this field often go into teaching and research. They earn grants and conduct studies that they deliver to influential audiences around the world. Those who prefer working in social services can also find work.

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