Whether it’s at the elementary or post-secondary level or somewhere in between, education can play a major role in shaping someone’s future, not to mention their personality, interests and outlook on life. For those who want to help others grow their knowledge and perspective of the world, a career in education is a noble choice. Future teachers can choose to specialize in teaching a specific age group or a particular population, such as students who speak English as a second language. Education professionals are also needed outside the classroom to develop curriculum and manage schools. Want to find your place in the education world? Read on to learn about different education concentrations and their corresponding majors.

Early Education

Those who teach young children are arguably the most influential type of teacher. If you want to make a positive impact on the lives of children, these majors may be just what you are looking for. With an education in child education or development, you may well become an inspiring figure for the leaders of the future.

Specialized Teaching Concentrations

While many teachers choose to pursue a career teaching students of a particular age level, some education professionals instead decide to focus on specific populations. These populations could include ESL students, special-needs students or adult learners. Whoever you choose to teach, the majors below are structured to give you the background necessary to educate the members of your desired community.

Administration & Instructional Design

Teachers don’t get to have all the glory in the field of education. There are plenty of other education professionals who are needed to fill critical positions outside the classroom. While education administrators oversee and run schools and districts, curriculum developers create the coursework used by students. Some professionals develop new technologies to advance instruction technics and others manage a school’s online classes. If you don’t want to teach, but you still want to influence the world of education, the majors below may be a good match for you.

General Teaching

If you want to aid in the classroom or get your license so you can supervise your own classroom full of students, check out the programs below.