Vocational programs can provide focused, career-oriented schooling. Many of these programs streamline their curriculum to only include classes that are relevant to a specific, desired career. Not only can this help students learn the necessary, applicable technical skills for their trade, but it can typically allow students to complete their program faster and get out into the working world. For those who are looking to pursue an education with a clear career path, one of these concentrations and majors might be the right fit.


Movie stars and models make their stunning appearances look effortless and natural. However, behind each of these superstars are a team of beauticians and cosmologists tending to their hair, nails and makeup. Although not every beautician assists such glamorous clients, these professionals have the skills, schooling and experience to enhance the appearances of their own clients.

Maintenance and Repairs

Some people have a natural affinity for taking apart broken electronics, diagnosing the issue and repairing the faulty parts. Vocational programs in the field of maintenance and repairs can help these individuals develop their interests into marketable, career-oriented skills. For those without prior experience, these programs can also provide a strong background and a direct career path. Whether they are repairing computers or maintaining heating or air conditioning units, these professionals likely attended one of the vocational programs below.