There are a range of careers within the field of technology. For example, workers are needed to develop, maintain and manage technology products, including both hardware and software. Within each of these concentrations in the technology field, there are various majors that can help students gain the skills necessary to pursue their desired career. Below you can read about those concentrations and learn more about the associated majors. One thing is for certain though: Technology has become an ever present, all-encompassing part of our modern life.


If you’re interested in developing new software, websites or video games, a major in the technology development field will likely be a good match for you. These programs typically teach students skills and languages, such as Java, C++ and SQL. The computer science and engineering background that can be gained in the following programs help graduates understand how to code and create new software applications and computer programs.


After software applications and computer hardware has been developed, workers are needed to maintain the technology by fixing any broken parts, resolving IT issues and supporting the teams of non-tech experts who use the products. In addition, professionals are also needed to keep technology systems safe from hackers. The majors below aim to teach students the necessary skills to fulfill these technology needs.


Most businesses need knowledgeable, technical professionals to manage computer software and hardware products. These professionals install and oversee their company’s network of computers. They may also manage a team of professionals who maintain the hardware and fix computers when issues arise. For those who are interested in managing computers, networks and systems, the majors below may help them get their foot in the door.