Students pursuing a major within the social sciences aim to understand and examine society as well as social interactions and relationships. Of course each major has its own focus, such as human behavior or politics. Regardless of focus, professionals in these fields aim to apply what they learn from their research in order to better our society. This could be a psychologist who councils a patient or a politician who works to improve international relations between countries. Social science students generally learn human relations, communication and research skills. Below the different concentrations within the field are outlined.

Political Studies

Students of the majors below learn the skills needed to participate in politics, create policies and manage relations between countries. If you see yourself as a leader and want to be at the forefront of making big decisions, these educational fields might be right for you.

Social Behavior

Those who are interested in the behavior of humans may be interested in pursuing a career within this social sciences concentration. The following majors allow students to examine the psyche of an individual or a whole society.

Social Studies

Programs in the field of social studies can give students many transferrable skills, including critical thinking, problem solving and communication. These skills are transferable because they can be used by graduates in many industries and professions.

Social Work

Social workers work with individuals or families to help better their situation. In order to do this, these professionals need organizational, communication and time-management skills. This major can give you the background to get started helping those in need.