Here, we list a handful of online degrees that can lend you a hand in preparing for one of the careers featured on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' list of Fastest Growing Occupations, based on predictions between 2014-24. Each entry is linked to our page on the subject, where you can learn more about the degree in question and where you might want to consider earning it.

Special Education

This may not have been the first degree you expected to see recommended on this list, but a degree in special education can be instrumental in finding work as an interpreter or a translator, two careers that are predicted to grow 29 percent by 2024.


Handling money is a frightening and obscure science for a lot of people. It's no surprise, then, that demand for personal financial advisors is expected to rise 30 percent by 2024.

Operations Management

The future of a business can be secured in a split second thanks to one brilliant decision, and it can be unmade just as quickly by a poor one. Operations research analysts are tasked with helping businesses navigate these influential decisions, which explains why their field is predicted to grow 30 percent by 2024.

Medical Assisting

First of the healthcare-based degrees on this list (but not the last,) a degree in medical assisting is of great use for anybody hoping to become a physician assistant, a career that is expected to grow 30 percent by 2024.

Mathematics & Statistics

If you are one of those lucky people with a talent for the manipulation of data and probability that statistics requires, you should consider a degree in mathematics and statistics, seeing as the career of a statistician is predicted to grow 34 percent by 2024.


Nurse practitioners are already a career that is in great demand, and that demand is expected to grow 35 percent by 2024. The hands-on nature of the profession requires nurse practitioners to garner clinical experience in addition to online education, but you can typically meet these requirements through a local campus, medical center, or hospital.

Physical Therapy Assisting

As people are living longer and longer lives, the need for physical therapists who can keep their quality of life high continues to grow. A degree and a license in physical therapy assisting could qualify you to become a physical therapist's assistant, a job for which demand is predicted to grow 41 percent by 2024.