Majors within the realm of liberal arts and humanities teach students a wide range of subjects, such as literature, philosophy, history and languages. By focusing on a broad range of topics, students can learn applicable skills like critical thinking, problem solving, persuasion and analysis. Overall, these abilities can help graduates pursue careers across multiple fields since the skills learned in liberal arts programs can be applied in many different professions. With the concentrations and majors below, students may be able to study the creative and cultural topics that interest them while still gaining useful qualifications.

Written and Oral Communications

The ability to communicate is an important skill that can be used across multiple industries. Students of the majors below will learn to communicate both in writing and speaking. Check out the following subjects to learn more.

Cultural Studies

If you’re interested in different cultures and alternative lifestyles, a major within the field of culture studies will interest you. These majors focus on the ethnicities, religions and art of past and present societies.