The criminal justice and court systems have been set up to maintain order and protect citizens. However, in order for these systems to function properly, a range of professionals are needed to deal with the various phases of the justice system. For example, criminal investigators are needed to help solve crimes, lawyers provide a defense for lawbreakers, and correctional officers work to rehabilitate convicted offenders. Other professionals are also needed to protect the country from inside and outside threats. Programs within the field of law and criminal justice, including the majors below, aim to teach students critical thinking, leadership and decision-making skills, as well as an understanding of current issues.

Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice ranges from investigating crime scenes to catching criminals to rehabilitating them in correctional facilities. The majors below detail the different stages of this process and how an education in the field can help you get involved.


The judicial system helps us determine the guilt or innocence of individuals, as well as resolve more minor civil suits. Although those working in the court serve as the face of the law field, there are plenty of others who work outside the court to mediate and resolve conflicts without a trial. To determine your place in the field, read about the following majors.


The following fields of study all focus on protecting citizens on a large scale. Professionals who studied these concentrations work to prevent terrorist attacks, keep the country secure and develop policies that pertain to public safety.