When trying to figure out how to pay for school, finding scholarships — including those scholarships that don't require essays — can be key to bringing that bottom line down to a more affordable number. Filling out applications can be time-consuming, but scholarships that don't require essays can help applicants breathe a sigh of relief. They can take much less time, focus on other information like academic record and extracurricular activities, and offer other opportunities for students for whom writing is not their best subject. Read on to learn more about various scholarships that don't require essays out there.

Things to Watch for When Applying for Scholarships That Don't Require Essays

Let's be honest: Writing essays can be time consuming. When you 're applying for several scholarships and they all require a good amount of writing, that's a lot of time devoted to figuring out what to say, choosing how to say it, then editing and revising it to make it as good as possible. So scholarships that do not require essays are typically quite popular, and as a result, have numerous applicants — likely more than most other scholarships do. Given that, scholarships that don't require essays can be very competitive.

Keep these two points in mind as you do your research:

  1. It's important to remember that scholarships that do not require essays can be problematic for a variety of reasons. Some of them can be designed as a type of sales funnel, meaning that once you apply, your information is sent to a variety of places that then use your contact information to send spam emails or snail mail to your home address.
  2. Some scholarships can appear to be very convenient, but are actually cleverly disguised frauds. They can promise the world, and might even guarantee that you will receive something in exchange for applying — but they might eventually ask for your credit card number, expect you to purchase something, or direct you to sites that do so. Therefore, it's important to ensure that these scholarships are legitimate before putting any of your time into them.

Our "Scholarship Fraud Warning Signs" can also help you ensure that what you apply for is legitimate.

Scholarships That Don't Require Essays

While there may be other scholarships that don't require essays, here are some to help start your search.

Awarded by the NPD Group, this scholarship of $1,000 can be awarded to a student 18 years of age or older, who resides in the United States or Canada, and registers online to join the scholarship sweepstakes. Additional entries and prizes are possible for those who complete surveys online for NPD Group and their affiliates. Winners are selected on an ongoing basis.

This website allows students to earn points through online activities, which can then be used to "purchase" an entry into drawings for scholarships. Scholarship awards vary from $1,000 to $10,000, with drawings happening on a rolling basis. Started by Edvisors in 2006, the site has awarded over $1 million in scholarships to date.

Cappex — which stands for College Application Exchange — has numerous types of help for students interested in college, including the $1,000 monthly scholarship. Awarded on the last day of every month, this scholarship can be available to those enrolled in high school or college, or who plan to enroll within the next 12 months. No essay is required, but students must offer a short statement explaining why they deserve a scholarship.

The Two Ten Footwear Foundation aims to help students who are studying design with an emphasis on footwear. Created in 2003, the up to $3,000 annual award goes to U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen who is enrolled, or about to enroll, in a higher education program. Applicants must submit three design drawings from their portfolio; awards are given based on design potential and financial need.

A worldwide manufacturer of eyewear and related products, GloFX offers a $500 scholarship to an applicant who demonstrates quality, originality and creativity in their entry. Though an essay is acceptable, applicants also have the option of submitting a project via video, PDF, PowerPoint, or other unique format. Applicants must be a current or incoming student at a US university.

Live Bearded offers a $2,500 scholarship to the applicant who creates a 90-second (or longer!) video explaining why they deserve the award. The scholarship is designed for any student attending an accredited school in the United States; applicants must be enrolled at the time of the deadline. Winners are chosen based on creativity, attention to detail, personality, and how genuine they seem.

Offered by a law firm that specializes in accident and injury claims, this $500 scholarship can be awarded to the applicant who creates the best 3-minute or less video focused on an annual topic related to distracted driving. High school seniors or currently enrolled college students are eligible. The videos are judged on creativity and persuasiveness.

This online retailer for headsets offers a $1,000 scholarship to an ambitious student who is at least 16 years of age, has maintained a 3.0 GPA and is a legal resident or citizen of the United States. Students must create a video of less than five minutes that showcases who they are, why they are seeking a degree in their field, and other points of interest.

Offered by SuperCollege.com, this scholarship of $1,000 is meant for those who are currently in school or about to start, and is earmarked for a variety of educational expenses. Only an application form is required for applying for the scholarship; incomplete entries or duplicates are not acceptable. This is a random selection scholarship from among completed applications.

Tetherbox Creative Video Challenge Scholarship.This scholarship of $1,000 is awarded to a selected student who creates a clever, entertaining video on TetherBox College Care Packages. The video should be no more than four minutes long. Only full-time undergraduates with U.S. citizenship may apply. Keep in mind the $1,000 award is a minimum amount; it could go higher.

This "Rinse, Recycle, Repeat" scholarship through DoSomething.org focuses on creating bins for bathrooms that help individuals remember to recycle their plastic packaging. Applicants must get creative with their project for the chance to win $5,000. This campaign is open at various times throughout the year.

Offered by a website specializing in scholarships, this $10,000 award starts with a short entry form online. Applicants must be mothers or expectant mothers 18 years of age or older; they must be legal citizens of the US and enrolled, or planning to enroll, in higher education. The award is given up to five times each year; thus far over $1.2 million has been awarded.

Other Scholarship Resources

Though receiving scholarships can be an excellent way for bringing down the cost of college, there are other financial aid options available to students who qualify. To find more awards for scholarships that don't require essays and ones that do you can use the scholarship database found on our partner site. The following pages might also help you lead you in the right direction.

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