Engineers create everything from skyscrapers to frying pans. While some engineers create mechanical machines, other professionals experiment with the materials that make up a product. Civil engineers work with architects to create buildings, and other engineers manage people and systems. With so many specializations in the field of engineering and construction, it can be hard to determine which career path you want to purse. Below you can see some of the concentrations within engineering and read more about specific majors.

Buildings and Construction

All the buildings we live, work and play in are designed and created by engineers and architects. These professionals not only design visually appealing buildings, but they also ensure the structure of a building is safe for us to inhabit. Students who want to build bridges, buildings and other structures should consider looking into the majors below.


The merchandise sold in stores are planned and designed by engineers long before they hit the shelves. While materials engineers determine the best material for a product, mechanical engineers create the machines and devices that make the products. The degree programs below can give you the mathematical and scientific knowledge you need to participate in the manufacturing of products.

Systems Management

These majors are broad fields that focus on the big picture of an engineering project. In addition to math and science, industrial engineers and systems engineers both use business skills to manage processes, employees, machines, materials and the manufacturing of products. Those who major in these fields will likely learn a combination of business and engineering skills.