It takes many people to run a successful business. From the human resources manager who hires new employees to the accountant who tracks the finances of a company, businesses need qualified candidates to manage all aspects of a business. Regardless of what business career you are interested in, there are many majors out there that can help you gain the education you need to pursue your desired profession. Read on to learn about the most common business concentrations and some of the specific majors that are available to you.


If you are interested in the numbers that keep a business afloat, you may be interested in studying one of the topics below. Majoring in accounting, finance or risk management may be able to give you the mathematical knowledge you need to contribute to an organization’s success.


Majors in the field of management are a classic choice for business students. These degree programs can teach you to manage various aspects of a business, such as a project or a team.


A degree in the field of business operation can prepare you to manage the organization and inner workings of a company. The following majors deal with the administration of different departments of a company, and these fields of study can give students the skills necessary to keep a business running.


If you’re sales oriented, one of these majors may be a good fit for you. From E-commerce to real estate, these majors aim to teach students how to market goods to customers.