Although we may not realize it, art and design has a major influence on our lives. From the music we love to the professional photographs we display in our homes, artistic minds are behind much of the media we consume. In fact, the designs of the websites we visit on a daily basis are likely created by someone who has extensively studied art and design. If you have a creative side you want to develop, a major in the fields of art and design may give you the stylistic and technical skills needed to turn your passion into a profitable career. Read on to learn more about common concentrations in this area of study.


Art is a wide-ranging field that covers everything from painting to photography and music to sculpture. Although many people participate in these artistic activities as a hobby, it takes specialized skills and experience to create truly great art. The following majors may be able to help you develop these skills and improve upon your craft.


If you’re interested in the field of design, one of these majors might be the right match for you. Whether it focuses on fashion, website or interior design, these degree programs are created to teach you the specific skills you need to become a designer.