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Bachelor's degrees are earned through colleges and universities and usually take four years to complete. Yet, programs can vary between two and six years, depending on type and location of program. Online bachelor's degrees from accredited online schools offer the same credentials as campus-based programs, but with increased flexibility in studies and school choice.

How Online Bachelor's Degree Programs Can Pay Off

Earning a bachelor's degree allows you to gain vertical knowledge and understanding of a subject. On a practical level, earning a bachelor degree, whether on-campus or though online schools, improves your career options. 2012 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrate that, on average, the higher the degree, the higher the weekly earnings and lower the percentage of unemployment:

  • High school diploma: $652/week, 8.3 percent unemployment
  • Associate degree: $785/week, 6.2 percent unemployment
  • Bachelor degree: $1,066/week, 4.5 percent unemployment

Below is a full image from the BLS about how your job may improve as you continue to earn a degree.

Pay increase and Unemployment by Degree

Why Get a Bachelor Degree Online?

There are many reasons as to why a student may want to be interested in earning their bachelor degree online. From trying to better their current career, to trying to position themselves better for their first job, a bachelor's degree can open up many doors. Getting your bachelor's degree online can also help you juggle other life obligations while going to school.

Below is a story of one individual's reason for going to an online college in order to get their bachelor's degree.

"For me college never seemed like an option. Right out of high school I attended a local state college and flunked almost every class that I took. I enjoyed working and threw myself into three part time positions. After a long break from school, and working numerous dead-end jobs, I decided to go back to school. At this time I was working full time at a factory, and had recently become engaged to a wonderful man with a child, so having time to sit at a campus style school was not a feasible option; I looked into online school and decided that was the route that I would take.

I began to pursue my associates program through University of Phoenix online in March 2010, where I quickly began to get into a flow that allowed for school, work, and home time. During the course of my associates in criminal justice, I changed my electives to include numerous psychology courses. By April 2012 I graduated with an associates in both criminal justice and psychology. At this point though I was not sure whether or not I would continue on for another degree. It was through the wise words of my youngest brother that I found the  encouragement to go back for my bachelors degree. Through many long conversations one statement stuck in my head "the next few years are going to happen whether or not you go back to school, the only difference is what you will have to show for it at the end of those years". I finally decided that I would continue on for my bachelors program.

I am currently more than half way through my bachelors program. I am now married, with a nine year old child at home, and working full time as a juvenile corrections officer. If it weren't for the University of Phoenix and their online learning program I would not be where I am today, nor would I be working towards the career of my dreams. Upon completing my bachelors degree I plan to work as a juvenile probation officer while attaining my masters in criminal justice. I feel that the children of today are misguided by their friends, family, and especially the media. I think that they need as much direction as possible, and would love nothing more than to be that support that they need. I was far from an angel as a juvenile, and would love to show these children that you can change your life by simply changing your actions as a juvenile. I want to be that one person who can persuade the youth of today away from violence, drugs, and gangs and towards a future where their own imagination and efforts are the only aspects of life that limit their abilities and their success."

- Jennifer (Ohio)

How to Find Online Bachelor Programs

Below is a list of colleges that offer an online bachelor programs. Simply select any of the options next to the school logo and fill out a brief form in order to find out more information. You can also choose a particular type of subject you want to earn a bachelor degree in on the right.


"Earnings and unemployment rate by educational attainment," Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 22. 2013,

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