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Bachelor's degrees are earned through colleges and universities and usually take four years to complete. Yet, programs can vary between two and six years, depending on type and location of program. Online bachelor's degrees from accredited online schools offer the same credentials as campus-based programs, but with increased flexibility in studies and school choice.

How Online Bachelor's Degree Programs Can Pay Off

Earning a bachelor's degree allows you to gain vertical knowledge and understanding of a subject. On a practical level, earning a bachelor degree, whether on-campus or though online schools, improves your career options. 2012 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrate that, on average, the higher the degree, the higher the weekly earnings and lower the percentage of unemployment:

  • High school diploma: $652/week, 8.3 percent unemployment
  • Associate degree: $785/week, 6.2 percent unemployment
  • Bachelor degree: $1,066/week, 4.5 percent unemployment

Below is a full image from the BLS about how your job may improve as you continue to earn a degree.

Pay increase and Unemployment by Degree

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