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It's fitting that the terms engineer and ingenious come from the same Middle English root word. Engineers use their ingenuity, along with ninja-level math and science skills, to design everything from airplanes and nuclear plants to artificial limbs and children's toys. The U.S. government's Standard Occupational Classification system lists 17 different types of engineer, defined by the kinds of projects they undertake. Civil engineers, for example, design much of the nation's infrastructure, including bridges and tunnels. Biomedical engineers design products for use in the health care industry. Environmental engineers create systems to supply communities with clean water and to dispose of waste. The fields of engineering and construction are intertwined, as engineers collaborate with construction workers who build their designs.

Engineering and Construction Online Programs

On the construction side, it's possible to start out as a laborer and learn the trade on the job. However, if you want to move into management, a college degree is a huge advantage. And thanks to online degree programs in construction management, it's possible to have a job on a building site and go to school at the same time. Engineering programs are very rigorous. After choosing a type of engineering to specialize in, you take classes in that type of engineering, as well as courses in math and the natural sciences. Many online colleges offer engineering degree programs. Just be sure that an online program is endorsed by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, since graduation from an accredited program may be required to become a licensed engineer. Once you've earned your bachelor's degree in engineering, you're in great shape, since starting salaries for engineers are excellent.

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