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In a world driven by computers, those who are comfortable with the technical and digital field can find themselves in high demand. Computer network administrators can be found at the forefront of this surge and working in a variety of settings from elementary and secondary schools, investment services, retail management, and even entrepreneurial take-offs. They are needed in many different kinds of businesses to ensure that technology operations are running smoothly. Though there are many ways aspiring network administrators can enter the field, relevant computer skills are a must and degree training is one way to get there.

Network Administration Online Colleges

In many cases, employers prefer to hire network administrators who hold a bachelor's degree. However, a certificate or associate degree and a good amount of work experience might be suitable for some positions. Some employers look favorably upon a candidate with a master's of business administration degree with a concentration on information systems. Some network administrators start out in computer support services and work their way up the ranks while earning a degree. Online network administration degrees can be one way to access needed training. Some of the programs you can find available online include an Associate degree in Network Systems Administration, a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Network Management, and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Information Technology. Many of these introduce you to the fundamental coursework needed to understand how networking relates to databases, operating systems, security and more.

An education can pay off in the field: the mean annual wages for network and computer system administrators were $72,200, according to 2010 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job growth is also favorable for the field with the BLS predicting a 23 percent increase in job openings during 2008-2018. This prediction is occurring because new technologies should continue to be put in place and to require the skills of those working in fields such as network administration. See online IT colleges for more related degree options.

Online Degree Programs in Network Administration

Network administrators serve in a vital role in businesses and organizations across the globe, as they are responsible for the day-to-day operations of technology in the workplace. If you're interested in online network administration classes, you'll need to master all of the underlying technology associated with computer network systems. As a network administration major, you'll learn to understand basic technology concepts, components, functions, and tools that form computer information systems. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, network administrators need to know how to install all network hardware and software for their organization, maintain network and computer security, and troubleshoot any problems that arise (BLS.gov/ooh, 2012). Network administrators are also in charge of managing their network's servers and ensuring that all components are working as they should (BLS.gov/ooh, 2012).

Online Associates in Network Administration 

If you interested in pursuing an online network administration degree as quickly as possible, you may want to work toward an online associate degree. Network administration classes in these programs cover topics such as customer service, business basics, and the various software programs that are essential to this career. Specific software programs that may be covered include Cisco, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

This table provides an in-depth look at concepts students working toward an associate degree study in online network administration classes:

Business Ethics

Study moral and ethical situations that are often encountered in the world of business, as well as theories for properly responding to them.

Linux Administration

Gain an introduction to the Linux operating system. Students will learn to use the system to install, configure, maintain and use programming features.

Networking Fundamentals

Take an in-depth look into the fundamentals of networking, including Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks.

Logic and Troubleshooting

Study the tools and thought processes required to diagnose and fix computer network problems as they arise.

Cisco Networking Fundamentals

Learn the basic building blocks of Cisco networking systems with an overview of related topics including access control list, WAN connectivity, and virtual LANs.

*Rasmussen College, Information Systems Management Associate's Degree -- Network Administration Specialization

Online Bachelor's in Network Administration 

If you're a network administration major working toward a bachelor's degree, you'll cover additional topics related to network administration. Some of the topics covered in network administration classes include an introduction to UNIX, administration of SQL databases, and advanced web server administration.

The following table provides an in-depth look at concepts studied by students working toward a bachelor's degree in online network administration classes:

Database Systems Design

Learn some of the fundamentals of database systems design including network models, E-R diagrams, and Structured Query Language.

Cisco Networking

Take an in-depth look at Cisco routing and switching.

UNIX Administration

Learn the tools for effective use of a UNIX operating system.

Information Security

Gain an overview of information security concepts and strategies.

Web Server Administration

Study proper usage of Apache and IIS web servers.

*Bellevue University, Systems and Network Administration Degree - Bachelor of Science

Online Master's in Network Administration 

If you want to earn an advanced network administration degree, you might want to consider pursuing your master's degree. Network administration majors who pursue a master's degree study advanced network administration topics and concepts. Some of the topics covered include digital forensics, wireless networking concepts, and advanced network security.

The following table provides an in-depth look at concepts studied by students working toward a master's degree in online network administration classes:

Networking Concepts

Gain an in-depth look at current and emerging networking technology and its uses.

Digital Forensics

Learn computer forensics basics, touching on topics such as digital crime, forensic processes, and data acquisition and validation.

Network Security

Gain an overview of network security standards and protocols.

Network and Security Administration

Focus on the usage and function of the Linux servers that process data throughout the internet.

IT Ethics

Examine moral and ethical dilemmas that arise when dealing with advancements in network administration and technology.

*Charles Sturt University, Master of Networking and Systems Administration

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