Online Colleges for Homeland Security

Since 9/11, Homeland Security has taken on a new meaning and many new degrees have come about as a result. Homeland Security experts not only deal with international threats, but also to matters closer to home at the borders and even within local areas. A Homeland Security degree can be perfect for those wanting to enter the criminal justice field, for those in the military or anyone wanting to seek new opportunities. Jobs exist in a variety of businesses, such as disaster-relief agencies and international corporations, as well as federal, state and local governments,

Homeland Security Online Programs

Various degrees--associate's, bachelor's and master's in Homeland Security are available. Online Homeland Security programs are becoming more and more prevalent and you'll find options from the Associate degree level all the way to the doctoral. Some are stricly degrees in Homeland Security while others are offered as emphases through criminal justice programs. Some programs include the Bachelor's of Science degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Homeland Security, a Master's of Science Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and the Doctor's of Business Administration in Homeland Security Leadership & Policy. Online Homeland Security programs should teach you about disaster management, terrorism, and more. See online colleges for criminal justice for more degree information.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep wage information for those strictly working in Homeland Security, but does provide data for those employed in related fields. Emergency management directors, for example, earned mean annual wages of $60,330. Those working as detectives and criminal investigators earned mean annual wages of $73,010. Even those working as transit and railroad police earned mean annual wages of $55,930. Whatever Homeland Security occupation you pursue, you're likely to find your education a valuable asset.