Online Colleges for Crime Scene and Forensics

Hit television shows like Bones, CSI, Law and Order and The Closer have given many people an inside eye into the field of crime scene and forensics, and as a result, interest in this field in surging. With all this renewed attention, competition can be tough for the top jobs in this sector today. By completing a crime scenes and forensics degree program, you can show potential employers that you have what it takes to get the job done both in and outside of the lab.

Crime Scene and Forensics Online Programs

As hard as it might seem to believe, you can find online crime scene and forensics degrees. These programs are most often available at the four-year degree level with one such program teaching you about cause and manners of death, establishing bodily identity, and understanding death scene investigations and techniques. This Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice, or BSCJ, degree is offered with an emphasis in forensics. In such a program, you can also learn about interviewing witnesses, notifying next of kin and understanding and analyzing crime scene photography. Another program that you could find online is the Bachelor's of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Forensics. This program focuses more on criminal liability, mental states and surrounding circumstances. If you're looking for an education that is broader in scope, there are a number of online criminal justice programs that can provide you with general knowledge and that range from the diploma to graduate degree level.

Forensic science technicians working in the U.S. earned mean annual wages of $55,040, according to 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics data and the field is projected to grow nearly 20 percent, 2008-2018. If you have already attended a police academy, you could also use your new education as a way to advance to an upper-level career, such as that of detective. However, if you want to go to work as a private detective, be aware that most states require you to be licensed. Those working as private detectives and investigators in the U.S. earned mean annual wages of $47,830. The field has growth forecasted at 22 percent, 2008-2018. Much of this growth is anticipated due to the increased concerns over security and the need to protect private information online and otherwise. Related occupations that could be of interest to you include those of computer forensic investigators, legal investigators, and financial investigators.

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