Online Colleges for Computer and Appliance Repair

Modern homeowners will agree: The house comes to a standstill when a key appliance breaks. A malfunctioning refrigerator could mean the loss of hundreds' of dollars worth of groceries. A broken washing machine could be worse -- many unfortunate souls have dealt with flooded basements, or worse, while they've had to find the nearest coin-operated laundromat. And while refrigerators and laundry machines have been a required part of most homes for years, another device has become just as much a fixture: the computer. While still optional in the 1980s and 1990s, today's homeowner can't imagine daily life without Internet access. Because of these expectations, the role of the computer and appliance repair professional is critical to the daily life of most homeowners.

Computer and Appliance Online Programs

The completion of formal training, through traditional and online computer and appliance repair programs, also offers a leg up once employed, as the technician has less to learn to contribute to his or her employer. Because advances in home appliances appear so quickly, ongoing training is key to job success. Appliance repair professionals can earn designations and certifications, including those offered the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and Professional Service Association. There are a number of online computer and appliance programs. Many are diploma based and allow you to obtain your training in six months to a year. Training materials are often part of appliance repair programs and can help you to gain hands-on knowledge for fixing everything from disposals to washing machines. Online computer repair programs are typically available short-term and can help you to learn about everything from installation to trouble-shooting. In some online programs, tuition fees cover the costs of needed materials, such as study guides and learning aids, which are crucial to completion. See online vocational colleges for more career options.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts excellent job opportunities for home appliance repairers, with job openings outnumbering job seekers between 2008 and 2018. Mean earned wages for home appliance repairers were $36,490, and the mean wages for the highest earners in this field were $56,500. The BLS noted that, while on-the-job training is a substantial part of the development of repair professionals, most employers prefer to hire those who have attended high school or postsecondary vocational or technical programs in electronics or appliance repair. Those working in the computer, automated teller and office machine repair field earned mean annual wages of $39,080. However, there is expected to be a decrease in job opportunities during 2008-2018 as use of newer equipment is expected to require less upkeep, the BLS indicated.