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Social scientists study the ways we interact with each other and our environments. Different disciplines within the social sciences focus on specific aspects of this subject. For example, sociologists generally study the group dynamics of cultures, organizations and institutions; political scientists focus on the methods and outcomes of political systems; economists examine how resources are allocated. Other social sciences include anthropology, archaeology and geography.

Social Science Degree Programs and Careers

If you're good at both "left brain" and "right brain" thinking, you should consider getting your degree in one of the social sciences. Social scientists use logical "left brain" math skills and scientific methods in order to analyze data that is often numerical, especially in fields such as economics. But because human behavior is sometimes irrational and unpredictable, social scientists also have to engage in "right brain" thinking to understand the belief systems, including philosophies and religions, driving human actions. The right brain is also associated with risk-taking, which is necessary if you are an archaelogist or anthropologist doing field research in remote or dangerous locations.

The social sciences are one of the cornerstones of traditional colleges and universities, and nowadays there are many great online programs, as well, offering bachelor's, master's and even docotral degrees in subjects like sociology, economics and political science. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts high growth in many social science careers, such as political science and sociology. In 2009, sociologists earned $76,190 per year and historians earned $56,350.


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