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Science is commonly divided into the biological sciences and the physical sciences. The biological sciences, such as botany, marine biology and genetics, are devoted to the study of living things, from the tiniest plants to the biggest whales. As the name suggests, the physical sciences deal with the physical world, everything from the the behavior of subatomic particles to the movement of the planets. Physics, astronomy and chemistry are among the physical sciences. There is also a distinction between basic and applied science. Basic science seeks to answer the biggest -- the most basic -- questions, like where life came from. Applied science is all about harnessing scientific knowledge and know-how to create new drugs, airplanes, fertilizers, fabrics, you name it.

Science Degree Programs and Careers

Most undergraduate degree programs in science include courses in all the major branches. So even if you're working toward a degree in biology, you will likely take classes in physics and chemistry. And because math and computer technology are crucial to all the sciences, you typically study these subjects. If you want to go into basic science by becoming a researcher, you will likely have to get a more specialized advanced degree. It's possible to get your bachelor's degree or an advanced degree online, through programs in general study areas such as environmental science as well as in very specific subject areas, such as biosecurity and biodefense. If you're debating which branch of science to focus on, it's worth looking at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) job growth forecasts. Modest growth is predicted for some sciences, such as chemistry, while other branches, such as biology and physics, should experience very rapid growth.

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