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The Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory says the term "humanities" refers to "literature, languages, philosophy, art, history, theology, music" and similar subjects, as opposed to the natural sciences (like biology) or the social sciences (like economics). The humanities are the core of a traditional liberal arts education, which also includes some math and science. The mission of university humanities departments is lofty; they teach "what it means to be a human being," according to one scholar quoted by The New York Times. But you'll find that quotation in a 2009 article pointing out that because the humanities are "not intended to prepare students for a specific vocation," their purpose is being questioned in this time when college grads are entering a tough job market. Still, getting a broad-based education in the liberal arts & humanities remains a great investment in your future.

Online Liberal Arts & Humanities Degrees and Careers

Most colleges and universities award many degrees in the liberal arts & humanities. Online schools also have diverse offerings in the liberal arts/humanities, and Jon Meacham, author and former Newsweek editor, has praised these programs as "accessible and more affordable means for people to better their minds and their lives."

Whether you major in a specific branch of the humanities, such as English, or earn a more general degree like the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, you'll graduate with a broad-based education that employers value. Meacham has pointed out that the multi-subject approach of a liberal arts education equips you with top-notch writing and verbal communications skills and encourages cross-disciplinary thinking. With a degree in liberal arts and humanities, you could work in public relations, editing, and more. In 2009--according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics--editors earned a mean annual salary of $58,440 and public relations specialists earned $59,370.

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