Careers in the medical field can be honorable and compassionate, giving professionals the chance to serve humanity. On the other hand, they can also offer highly lucrative salaries. Experts are needed in all fields of healthcare ranging from the nurse who tends to patients to the healthcare administrator who oversees a hospital. However, it may be hard to choose a healthcare career with so many possible specializations and practice areas available. Below you’ll see explanations of the different health concentrations and their related majors.


Although most medical professionals work directly with patients, healthcare administrators are needed to manage facilities, medical records and employees. Other administration jobs within this field focus on educating people on health topics or studying the spread of diseases. The majors below aim to teach students the skills to manage and educate within the healthcare realm.


Medical professionals who work in the clinical field can provide critical care to patients. They must have a vast knowledge of medicine and the confidence to work quickly in an emergency. The following degree programs may give you the background and expertise you need to assist your patients.

Health and Fitness

Some healthcare fields deal with the prevention of diseases and disorders. For example, certain specialists focus on teaching people to eat a nutritious diet or to properly exercise to maintain their health. The majors below will appeal to students interested in fitness and dietary health.

Specialized Practices

Many professionals in the healthcare field choose to specialize their skills in order to help specific populations or communities. While those in gerontology study aging adults, mental health professional can choose to counsel individuals with addiction issues or other problems. Read more about the majors listed below, and you may find you have a specific population you want to help as well.


Therapeutic treatment can help rehabilitate and treat injuries. The people who design and implement these treatments have extensive training and distinct skills. If this interests you, take a look at the majors below.