Featured Careers With High Earnings Potential

Jan 09, 2012 | By Aimee Hosler
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Featured Careers With High Earnings Potential

Woody Allen once said, "Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons." It's true: money can't buy you happiness, but it can make life more comfortable. More education usually means better salaries, but the cost of education is a steep price of entry. Sure, doctors and lawyers turn a pretty penny, but how much of those earnings are offset by student debt?

Believe it or not, in most cases your lifetime earnings more than make up for your educational investment. However, any amount of schooling can lead to a promising career. As an example, here are a few careers from various levels of education that all offer high earnings potential.

Technical writers

Some people think writing doesn't pay, but those people have never tried technical writing. A bachelor's degree and a talent for clean, clear explanation can take you far in this field. Check out information about getting an online degree in writing for this career here. 2016 median salary: $69,850 per year, or $33.58 per hour.

Construction managers

Leadership and trade skills both tend to pay well, and construction managers have both. They also tend to have bachelor's degrees and previous experience in a construction career. You can find information about getting an online degree in civil engineering to start off this career here. 2016 median salary: $89,300 per year, or $42.93 per hour.

Electrical engineers

If you're good at fixing your parents' computers or figuring out why the remote isn't working, consider turning that natural gift toward electrical engineering. A bachelor's degree gives you a leg up in this field, but so does hands-on experience with technology. Learn more about a mechanical engineering degree to kickstart this career here. 2016 median salary: $96,270 per year, or $46.28 per hour.

Software developers

Have you ever become frustrated because your computer won't do what you want it to? Allay your annoyances and make a decent wage at the same time by earning a bachelor's degree in programming software. A computer programming degree can help you along the way to this career; learn more about it here. 2016 median salary: $102,280 per year, $49.17 per hour.

Nurse anesthetists

For nurse anesthetists, a little extra nursing school goes a long way. This career pays almost twice as well as registered nursing and offers excellent job security, certainly making up for the extra investment in getting a master's degree. Learn more about the nursing degree you would be investing in, as well as the advantages of earning it online, here. 2016 median salary: $107,460 per year, or $51.67 per hour.

Article Sources
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