Browse Online Colleges By Degree Level

If you have long considered finishing your education or enrolling in a new degree program, there are plenty of options available to you. Both campus and online degree programs are designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. From associate's to bachelor's degrees, certificate to PhD programs, there is a college and degree program to meet your needs.

Online Associate's Degrees

Earning associate's degrees can help working people find satisfying careers that pay more. Completed in just two years, associate's degrees, including online associate's degrees, offer excellent opportunities to advance professionally.

Online Bachelor's Degrees

You may enhance your understanding of a subject and improve your job options by earning a bachelor's degree. Online colleges offering bachelor degree programs are widely available, and educate you around your schedule.

Online Master's Degrees

Those with master's degrees tend to earn more money and stay better employed. Online master's degrees can be useful to help people advance without having to leave their current jobs.

Doctoral Degrees

The process of obtaining a doctorate degree provides students with the highest-levels of education in their fields. Online doctoral degrees are widely available, and might allow you to pursue your academic dreams without relocating or being limited to local schools.

Diploma Degrees

If you're a young student who would like to earn your high school diploma online, there are online diploma programs that may be right for you. If you're a working mother who has always wanted to complete high school, an online diploma program may also be a good fit for your lifestyle. No matter what the case, if you want to earn a basic diploma, look no further. If you're 18 years or older, you may choose to complete a campus-based high school diploma, which signifies you have met both local and state educational requirements. If you're an adult who is looking to pass the General Education Development Test (GED), you must pass a five-subject test to earn your diploma. The requirements for each type of student are different; however, the doors of opportunity you will open with a high school diploma will be plentiful. Use degree.net to take the first step towards completing your education: you won't regret it!

Online Certificate Programs

Online certificates are work-focused and can help you perform your job better and/or advance your job. There are online schools offering certificates in almost any area you could want, including health, education, and computers.

Coursework Degrees

No matter what your age or area of interest may be, chances are there is an online course available to meet your needs. At degree.net, you can learn more about the various online classes within a specific area of study. Maybe you don't want to enroll in a complete degree program; maybe you're simply interested in learning more about architecture. Or you could be a few credits away from a certain degree, but you need to keep your full-time job. Regardless of your particular situation, enrolling in an online course allows you to work and learn simultaneously. Consider online coursework as a thought-provoking and convenient option to build upon both your personal and professional education.

Online Continuing Education Programs

Online continuing education is a way to stay up-to-date in your career and to improve your job options, Online colleges allow you to do all of this on your own pace and from your own home.