Online Continuing Education


Online continuing education classes can help you learn new skills and advance your career, around your current schedule and at your own pace. Online continuing education programs can be found in all disciplines, including health, education, business, and computers/technology. For instance, you can take courses to keep your nursing certificate current, or to learn new IT skills. Continuing education courses are often intensive and short-term, and focused on advancing career skills.

Continuing Education and Career Opportunities

The benefits of taking online continuing education courses are manifold. By advancing your skills, you will be more competitive in the job market. In addition, taking online classes toward advanced degrees might increase your salary. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, those with higher degrees tend to earn more. For instance, in 2009, median weekly earnings for master-degree holders were $1,257, compared with $1,025 for those with bachelors' degrees and $761 for those with associates' degrees. Luckily, online schools offering continuing education credits are omnipresent.

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