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The Mexican government recently embraced online education in a big way, announcing that citizens living abroad can enroll in a virtual university run by the Public Education Secretariat. But this government-run school is only one of many online colleges serving Mexico. As traditional universities struggle to meet the booming demand for higher education, many people are choosing to study online in Mexico.

Benefits of Online Schools Serving Mexico

Whether you are fresh out of secondary school or an older student, you can benefit from the convenience and flexibility of the online universities serving Mexico. Because you can log in to the virtual classroom when and where it's convenient, you can travel, work and take care of your family while maximizing your earning potential by furthering your education. Even if you have to move from one place to another within the country, you can relocate without changing schools. This is particularly valuable in Mexico, where the university system is not integrated and transferring credits from one school to another can be difficult or impossible. You can also save money by avoiding travel expenses to and from school, and there's no need to pay for room and board when the Internet is your campus. Web-based courses usually give you more control over the pace of learning. And the experience of working with Web tools and programs can equip you with computer literacy that increases your marketability in an increasingly knowledge-based economy.

Quick Facts

  • Rapid expansion of Internet accessibility over the last decade has driven up enrollment at online schools across Mexico. 
  • Mexico's Undersecretary of Higher Education has indicated that web-based education will play a crucial role in improving access to higher education throughout the country, and he estimated that by 2015, enrollment at the online National Open and Distance Learning University of Mexico alone will reach 150,000.

Online Schools in Mexico

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