10 Blogs for Nursing Students to Follow

Whether you're a nursing student, a brand-new nurse or a well-traveled veteran, these nursing blogs offer a daily dose of scathing humor, smart information and the inside scoop on nursing careers from California to Canada. Check out which blogs made the top list and find a few new favorites for your blogroll.

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10 nursing blogs with the inside scoop

At Your Cervix: This labor and delivery RN is studying to become a nurse midwife and offering a humorous take on the process online. "Student midwives are a crazy bunch of loons," begins a recent post. In another, a thoughtful list of why health care is so expensive, including free food for physicians ("bring it in from home!") and the inflated prices of hospital medications ("$6 for a Tylenol anyone?").

Those Emergency Blues: This blog serves as the chronicle of a pair of emergency department nurses in Toronto, ON. A recent post features the top phrases junior nurses and staff hate to hear from senior nurses, including: "It is more important that I get all of my breaks than you young folk because I'm older and need to rest more often." Preach!

Real Newbie: This nursing newbie passed the NCLEX in September 2011 and is taking the first steps into the world as a RN. You'll find thoughtful posts on the health care industry, changing careers and working the night shift. Get the latest unfiltered news from a new nurse.

Nursetopia: This blog is full of nursing news and views, plus cool, free stuff like a link to full-text nursing journal articles for Nurses Week. It's run by an oncology nurse who sees real value in the blogging world, writing: "Through blogging I have found an interest in blogs and their relationship to nursing -- how they impact us, our patients, and how we impact the blogosphere."

Off the Charts: This extensive blog of the American Journal of Nursing (AJN) brings in a powerful mix of policy leaders, nurses, patients and contributing editors. One recent post explores the benefits and problems with e-cigarettes, while another offers notes from a trauma nurse about mortality: "It doesn't take a death sentence to seize what's here, now."

The Nerdy Nurse: This fun blog, run by a clinical informatics specialist at a hospital in Georgia, offers tips on topics such as finding the right nursing school and medication timing versus good patient care. The "nerdy" part comes in with reviews of hot new nursing technology items like the Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer and unique iPhone accessories. If you've ever wanted to know what a nurse thinks about those new bone conduction headphones, this is the blog for you.

ONS Connect: Individual bloggers of the Oncology Nursing Society come together to write about their experience. Alene Nitzky, Ph.D., RN, wrote a post about her personal experience with compassion fatigue, while Becky McClelland, BSN, RN, wrote about nursing legacy: "If I could write my nurs­ing legacy, I'd want it to state that I wanted to help peo­ple make a dif­fer­ence in their lives."

Not Nurse Ratched: This former medical editor and current ER nurse has a scathing view of the recently celebrated Nurses Week: "For one week out of the whole entire year, we will recognize that an entire profession of people work their butts off wiping and kissing yours. The rest of the time…eh." On a more serious note, she also covers her personal experience with her father's recent hospitalization.

In the Round: This "dialogue for nurses, by nurses" is provided by nursing publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. In a recent post, Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP writes personally about what nurses have meant to her life, including the death of her mother: "When my mom died, she was surrounded by her children and three of her best friends who were all nurses."

Emergiblog: Meet Kim, who has been nurse for 33 years after graduating with her ADN. She works as an ER nurse and spends her time offering up juicy tidbits about the American Nurses Association ("Supporting Nurses, Until You Need It") and the California Board of Registered Nurses ("Stand back and shut up, for you are the accused"). At its heart, this blog bravely stands up for nurses who don't have a voice.


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