Top 10 Pranks to Play on Your College Roommate

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Aside from the occasional Florida spring break bash, college is all about getting serious, studying like mad, soaking up knowledge and focusing on the future. Right? Tell that to the countless pranksters that roam the dorm hallways long after they should be asleep, plotting their next devious move. After all, college just isn't college without pulling (or being the target of) a couple of good pranks!

If you're having trouble coming up with a worthy prank -- and since this is obviously not one of the questions to ask an academic adviser -- we're here to help. You can thank us after the screaming stops.

10 Ridiculously Awesome Pranks to Pull on Your Dorm Mates

10) The Party Starter.

For this prank, you will need hundreds of cheap balloons and several friends with really good lungs. Blow up the balloons and toss them into the room until it's a virtual sea of pretty colors, like the lovely prank depicted in this video. If you want to add some pizazz, invest in a small bottle of helium so some of the balloons will cover the ceiling, too. Finally, hide under the balloons so that when the initial shock wears off, you can jump out and startle them.

9) The Power of the Press.

Got a roommate who adores technology? You know the type -- they have their textbooks on their laptop and they take notes on their iPad. They need more paper in their life, so go old school with the newspaper prank. Crumple up thousands of pieces of newspaper, and then stack them all in their room. If you're lucky, they just might get in the spirit and jump right in, as the good sport in this video did.

8) The Collapsing Bed.

If you have a dorm room with bunk beds, you're in for a treat with this crazy trick that will be sure to elicit a few good stories (not to mention a curse word or two). Unhook the supports for the upper mattress, so that when your roommate goes to climb up on their bed, they will wind up on the bottom bunk instead. The only caveat: Be sure you're in the room to watch this one, because it's not the safest of pranks, as this video shows.

7) The Impromptu Shower.

Speaking of water fun, who doesn't want their own personal water park? You can give that special someone a slippery surprise by creating an over-the-door water dump. This video shows you how to create a trip wire that will catch unsuspecting hall mates by complete surprise. Have plenty of towels ready!

6) The Red Sea.

Come on -- we all know what those red solo cups are usually used for. Make a more honest use of them by filling them with water and carefully placing them side by side down the hallway for a watery mess that will annoy every person on the floor. You can also just target a single room, as the gentlemen in this video did. That's an epic prank of 775 solo cups filled halfway with water. If you're in the mood to be nice, leave a fresh new mop hanging on the back of their door. They're going to need it.

5) The Duct Tape Prison.

It's been said that anything can be built, repaired or made better with duct tape. This prank takes that idea to a whole new level. When your hall mates go into their room for an extended period of time, quietly place duct tape over the door. When they open the door, they get a face full of adhesive, as this video shows. After the fun is over, be a good neighbor and help them bust through the tape to freedom.

4) The Endless Reminder.

Post-it notes are great ways to remind yourself of everything from assignments due in foreign language class to that hot date (as if you would forget the latter!). So remind your favorite roommate of anything and everything with his or her very own blizzard of Post-it notes. Need some inspiration? Check out this video of a Post-it masterpiece that took twelve hours, six guys -- and an astounding 13,000 Post-it notes.

3) The Birthday Gift.

One of the coolest parts of a birthday is presents, of course. Especially if those presents are wrapped up neatly in pretty paper and bows. Give your roommate an impromptu birthday party by waiting until they go away for a weekend, then wrapping every one of their possessions. Save money by going with butcher paper, or take notes from this video and wrap it all with aluminum foil. (This is especially good for conspiracy theorist roommates -- you are giving them plenty of material for tin foil hats!)

2) The Poltergeist.

Mischievous little poltergeists are known for moving things around. So create your own ghost story by creeping into the room after the victim goes to class and proceed to move everything -- and we do mean everything. Put the printer under the bed, turn the mattress on its side and put their shoes in drawers. This video has a whole host of ideas for how to rearrange someone's stuff to get a priceless reaction.

1) The Tower of Aluminum Terror.

When someone is holed up in their room studying, use that ample time to create a tower of cans against their door. Use strips of tape to prevent the cans from falling over as you take the tower higher and higher. Here's a video that offers a great example of how to make the ultimate tower. Only one caveat: Be very quiet about this unless you know that the person inside wears headphones when studying!

From bubble wrap taped to the floor to super glue on the toothpaste cap, there are dozens of ways to prank someone in your college dorm. Just remember to keep it light and fun and never engage in pranks that could actually hurt anyone or destroy their property. In the end, you will never look at balloons, duct tape, red solo cups or even newspapers in the same way again -- and you will have yet another cool story to tell when those college glory days are over.

2012's Top Pranks

Dorm living and pranks go together like duct tape and confetti. (Trust us!) It is almost as if all those underwear heists and misappropriated fire extinguishers make up for a life marked by cramped quarters and questionable dining hall food. College pranks are a great way to blow off steam, not to mention crack a few smiles. You don't have to be an engineering major to craft a great prank -- you just need a little creativity and a whopping heap of deviousness. Need some inspiration? These top 10 pranks to play on your college roommate can get the ball (and the prank war) rolling.

10 dorm room pranks that (probably) won't get you arrested

1. Foiled again

Roommate away for the weekend? Pass the time by wrapping all of his or her personal items individually in foil. If it is a holiday weekend, make things festive by using wrapping paper. It will take some time, but the effect is well worth it!

2. A slick trick

Tired of your roommate hogging all the hot water? Replace his or her shampoo with baby oil for a slippery surprise. Add a large amount of food coloring for a vibrant effect.

3. Sink to a new low

If you are fortunate enough to have a shared kitchen, tie a rubber band around your sink sprayer's handle so that your roommate gets drenched the next time he or she turns on the faucet.

4. Knock, knock

Dorm living a little cramped? Take advantage of the building's overly-efficient layout by tying two doorknobs together from across the hall. Knock on both doors and flee the scene. As an added bonus, you've also just launched a limbo party in the hall.

5. Phone it in

Swipe your roommate's phone and change your personal ring tone to something embarrassing, then call him or her during class or a hot date. Potential songs include "I'm Too Sexy," "Ice, Ice Baby" and anything by the Spice Girls.

6. Wrap it up

Sick of your roommate coming in late every night? A little plastic wrap over the toilet seat should do the trick, especially first thing in the morning when he or she is too groggy to notice.

7. A sticky situation

If your superglue fund isn't at least half of your book fund, you are missing half the fun of dorm living. Think: books glued shut (avoid the pricey text books though!), soda cans stuck together, and toothpaste or deodorant caps that just won't budge.

8. All tied up

Tie your heavy sleeper of a roommate to the bed with bungee cord -- just be on hand in case of an emergency.

9. Fill 'er up

Fill your roommate's car (or cabinets) with balloons, popcorn or those annoying Styrofoam peanuts. Earn extra points by tying cans to the muffler.

10. You've got to move it, move it

Move all your roommates furniture in one direction about an inch each day then see how long it takes him or her to notice.

Reel it in, Captain

Good natured pranks are a great distraction from your coursework, especially during finals week when stress levels are high. One prank typically leads to another, however, and before you know it you are pushing the line. Try to set boundaries and acknowledge when enough is enough. The Web is filled with tales of college pranks that resulted in harm, criminal charges or worse. So the next time you find yourself knee-deep in shaving cream eyeing your roommate's snazzy -- and ridiculously expensive -- new laptop, take a step back and remember that this is the perfect time to use your good judgment. Isn't that what college is all about anyway?

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