10 Online Deans' Blogs

It's a fact that many schools now offer online programs or components in their education, but students may still want to know what it's like to attend school at a specific campus or to discover more about what the school's culture is like. What better way to find out more about a program or school than to take a look at a dean's blog? We have compiled a list of ten dean blogs that we consider most notable. While reading these blogs, you may learn more about a school's academics, catch up with alumni, or discover interesting facts about the university or the dean. Whether you are planning to attend an online college or a campus one, the insight that you can gain from a blog could provide you with as much insider knowledge as -- or be a great addition to -- an in-person campus visit.

10 noteworthy blogs by college deans

Kenn 2.0, Boston University. Meet Kenn Elmore, dean of students, as he blogs about some of his favorite tunes, what's on his summer reading list, and some of the school's one-day photo challenges (Take a picture of 'your cool,' for example). Discover the things that he values in in life: music, family, travel and time for reflection. In fact, Elmore shares this rumination about the value of travel in one of his posts: "Travel reminds me of my size and, ultimately transforms me. I think more when I travel -- the more I think, the more human I feel."

Dean Logan's Blog, Roger Williams University. David Logan, dean at this school of law located in Rhode Island, focuses on campus news: this includes updates to the career accomplishments of alumni (Robert Coulter '08 being named one of the 40 under Forty by Providence Business News, for example), as well as the advantages of attending the school's summer program in London (a chance for students to get into the chambers for some of the city's top law firms!). With regular updates, Logan is sure to provide potential students an idea about what is happening at RWU, what law school could be like and what it could lead to.

Word on the Streeterville, Northwestern University. Read more about legal education and Northwestern Law School through the words of Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez. Meet new staff members, such as Matthew Spitzer, coming on board from the University of Texas School of Law, and read about alumni travels in London and Paris. The most interesting posts may be Rodriguez's reflections on changes in law itself (e.g., the impact of globalization and law school admission trends) and his recognition of alumni, such as former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, whom he caught up with in May.

View from the Circle, Case Western Reserve University. Enjoy Lawrence Mitchell's view on law, legal education and life, as Mitchell thoughtfully writes about pragmatic topics, including debt and careers, revenue and responsibility, and assessing the price of a law school. Mitchell, dean of the law school at Case Western Reserve University (in Cleveland), also briefly touches on CWRU's study abroad program in China: "CWRU is one of a tiny handful of law schools that allow you (in fact, we encourage you) to study abroad for a full semester."

Dean Gayeski's Blog, Ithaca College. Hear from Dean Diane Gayeski of the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in New York. The updates are both in-depth and informative for students. For example, consider the post that discusses preparing students for the job hunt and highlights the important step of filling out an online resume to convey your personality on screen. Another post addresses accreditation at a school and the various programs within. Readers are sure to find new knowledge or insight while reading Gayeski's posts.

One Dean's View, Middlebury College. Shirley M. Collado, dean of Middlebury College in Vermont, wraps up this past academic year with a post acknowledging the guest bloggers who added to the campus dialogue. Guests varied in position from current to past students as well as school staff and professors. Collado's personal posts that add even more to the blog with reflections that range in topic, from social life on campus to "showing up" and participating in life.

Dean Leedy's Blog, The King's College. This blog, coming from a New York City school, is written by David K. Leedy, dean of students. Read more about the school through his post that bids a final good bye to the school's location in the Empire State Building (yes, is that interesting or what?), where it has been located since 1999. Leedy also looks back at other changes to occur in the past decade at the school: student body numbers that went from 17 in 1999 to nearly 600 in the fall of 2012 as well as a staff increase from one full-time professor to about 30 now. Learn more about this interesting school through Leedy's updates.

Dean Adams's Blog, Missouri State University. The posts on this site come from Dr. Carey Adams, dean of the College of Arts and Letters at Missouri State University. Topics range from making good decisions (check out the image of a tattoo on someone's back that reads, 'Clearly I have made some bad decisions') to the dean's reflection on moving with his family and his surprise at their accumulation of possessions. This blog is truly interesting in its approach to and depth of personal reflection.

SoE Blog, University of Connecticut. This blog comes from Mun Young Choi, dean of the school of engineering at the University of Connecticut. (Get it? SoE -- School of Engineering!) Read information about the new research awards given out at SoE in fields such as biomedical engineering; civil and environmental engineering; and chemical, materials and biomolecular engineering. Also read more about subjects including new courses, seminar opportunities and program descriptions.

Dean Whitten's Blog, Michigan State University. This blog comes from Pam Whitten, dean of the College of Communications Arts & Sciences at Michigan State University. With at least once-weekly updates, she provides insight into what is happening at the school, including recent recognition of the school's top university sales program. She also mentions that over 150 communications students took advantage of studying abroad during the past year. Gain more insight into what goes on at MSU and specifically at the school of communication arts and sciences through this informative blog.

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Making the most of it

These blogs should give you insight into a particular school or maybe even into a field of study that you are considering pursuing. With more and more of a transition toward online education and outreach, chances are you'll find at least one blogger from your top school of consideration making posts worthy of reading.

Blog URLs:

Kenn 2.0, http://www.bu.edu/dos/kenn-20/

Dean Logan's Blog, http://law.rwu.edu/blogs/3

Word on the Streeterville, http://deansblog.law.northwestern.edu/

View from the Circle, http://law.case.edu/DeansBlog.aspx

Dean Gayeski's Blog, http://www.ithaca.edu/rhp/blogs/dean_gayeskis_blog/

One Dean's View, http://sites.middlebury.edu/onedeansview/

Dean Leedy's Blog, http://www.tkc.edu/students/deansblog.asp

Dean Adams's Blog, http://blogs.missouristate.edu/coal/

SoE Blog, http://dean.engr.uconn.edu/blog/

Dean Whitten's Blog, http://cas.msu.edu/places/cas-deans-office/deans-blog/

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