Top 50 Must-Read College Campus Blogs

Almost every college campus can claim at least one well-known or attention-getting blog. It may contain the dean's musings, student experiences or news from an academic department. With thousands of campus blogs out there, which ones are worth your time?

We've scoured the web and found the best of the best. These are the campus blogs and publications that are interesting, informative and utterly readable. Whether you are looking for political commentary or funny college quotes, here are 50 top college campus blogs to peruse - and we even broke them down by category. You probably won't have time to go through these all at once, so bookmark this page for more fun reading later! If you're interested in an online college education as well, check out our best online colleges tool!

Tickle your funny bone: humorous blogs

  • Bwog, Columbia University: No, it's not BWOG - it's Bwog, the online version of Columbia University's The Blue and White magazine. Although not specifically a humor publication, the writers at Bwog certainly have a sense of humor.
  • The Colonialist, George Washington University: Poking fun at student life at George Washington University gives The Colonialist purpose. This humor blog is the irreverent little sibling to the more staid George Washington Patriot journal.
  • Liquid Fun, Boston University: Offering improv comedy at Boston University, Liquid Fun shares some of the school's quirky humor on this blog.
  • Rhodes College Humor, Rhodes College: If animated GIFs are your guilty pleasure, you won't be able to resist this Tumblr blog and its hilarious (and completely relatable) collection of college material.
  • The Yale Record, Yale: Claiming to be America's oldest college humor magazine, The Yale Record has it all: cartoons, satire and funny videos.

From the front office: dean and administrator blogs

  • Hopkins Insider, John Hopkins University: If you are looking for an edge on the application process, you'll want to pay a visit to the Hopkins Insider. In addition to an inside look at applying to the school, admissions counselors offer their advice on how to make a great impression.
  • Dean's Blog, Carleton University: The dean of Carleton University's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences provides a frank look from his view of the state of higher education today.
  • Exploring the Chico Experience, California State University, Chico: Featuring articles from a range of administrators and students, this blog offers a glimpse into what it is like to go to school at Chico State.
  • View from the Circle, Case Western Reserve University: Potential law students, take note. Dean Lawrence Mitchell offers his commentary on law school, legal issues and more.
  • Robert F. Bruner, Dean, University of Virginia: The dean of the esteemed Darden School of Business offers insight that every MBA candidate is sure to appreciate.
  • From the Director, Harvard Business School: Want to earn your MBA at Harvard? Then click on this blog which provides updates on the admissions process as well as profiles of Harvard students.

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The inside scoop: student blogs

  • Caltech … As It Happens, California Institute of Technology: The Caltech bloggers offer insight on everything from the frosh experience to senior year. A must-read for anyone considering the school.
  • Real Students, Real Blogs, Really USF, University of San Francisco: With so much to explore in San Francisco, life is anything but dull for students at USF. Follow along as these bloggers share their adventures.
  • The College of Saint Rose Blog, College of Saint Rose: Students at this private school in New York share their experiences from spring break activities to favorite after-class hang-out spots.
  • The Orange, Macalester College: Students at Macalester College are making friends, studying overseas and singing to their supervisors. And they are sharing it all at The Orange.
  • Gargoyle, Flagler College: The Gargoyle is an online publication from the students of Flagler College reporting on all things Flagler.
  • The Chimes Online, Biola University: Over at Biola University, the student newspaper The Chimes publishes an online version for all the world to read.
  • The Real Women of Wellesley, Wellesley College: If you are worried that going to an all-women college could make for a boring experience, the real women of Wellesley are here to tell you otherwise.

The cheering section: sports blogs

  • The Ripsit Blog, University of Southern California: If you love the Trojans, this blog is for you. Read year-round to keep updated on the latest news from every USC sports team.
  • Rice Owls, Rice University: Try out your 'Owl Vision' on this blog dedicated to Rice University's sports teams.
  • Sports Fans Blog, Cleveland.com: Although not a dedicated campus blog, Cleveland.com carries a full rundown of all the area sports action on its fan blog.
  • Every Day Should be Saturday, SB Nation: Considered the college football blog by some, EDSBS has no problem telling it like it is. Its irreverent tone and sometimes crude humor mean this blog is definitely not intended for little eyes.
  • The M Zone, University of Michigan: The maize and blue are out in full force at The M Zone. Read along for the latest word on the Michigan football squad.
  • College Recruiting Blog, National Collegiate Scouting Association: If you'd rather be on the field instead of cheering from the stands, the NCSA blog provides a look inside the recruiting process.

Learning beyond the book: academic blogs

  • UCLA Economics Blog, University of California, Los Angeles: This UCLA blog is the go-to source of information for school econ students. It outlines upcoming events as well as previews the department's class schedule.
  • Cornell Mushroom Blog, Cornell University: Yes, fungi have their own blog compliments of Cornell. If you have ever wanted to explore your world with tape or spent hours contemplating what makes moldy bread cool, this site is for you.
  • UThink, University of Minnesota: Boasting more than 11,500 participating blogs, UThink compiles the collective knowledge and opinions of University of Minnesota students and staff.
  • Egghead, University of California, Davis: Living up to its name, Egghead is an academic paradise. Featuring research conducted by UC Davis students and staff, visitors can read up on the latest science news.
  • Three Percent, University of Rochester: Drawing its name from the fact only three percent of all books published in the U.S. are works in translation, this blog is a home on the web for anyone who loves international literature.
  • Biochem Blog, North Carolina State University: The Biochem blog uses an Einstein quote as its tagline: If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research. That should be your clue that these biochem bloggers have a sense of humor, and it shines through in almost every post.
  • Dotted Line, Art Center College of Design: For artistic types, the Dotted Line offers the latest on the Pasadena arts scene as well as other news from the arts community.

Where the left and right meet: political blogs

  • University of Minnesota Press, University of Minnesota: Offering commentary on public policy, religion and the media, the UM Press blog offers plenty of food for thought.
  • The Berkeley Blog, University of California, Berkeley: In the 1960s, Berkeley was considered ground zero for student activism. Today, The Berkeley Blog continues the tradition of challenging preconceived notions and asking readers to think outside the box.
  • The Best Environmental Politics Blog of all Time, Middlebury College: Professor Kemi Feuntes-George offers insightful analysis into the politics behind environmental policy.
  • The Hill: Chapel Hill Political Review, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Promising to be non-partisan, The Hill is the online version of the Chapel Hill Political Review.
  • UpFront, Brookings Institution: If you want meaty news and analysis, check out the UpFront blog. The site covers the latest developments in both domestic and international policy.
  • Columbia Political Review, Columbia University: The Columbia Political Review offer in-depth coverage of U.S. and global political issues. The review offers intelligent reading for those who want to be informed and stay engaged.

Dear counselor: blogs offering practical advice

  • AIU Blog, American InterContinental University: Students enrolled in both traditional and online colleges will find the AIU blog useful. It offers posts on degree programs, college search tips and financial aid resources.
  • Blogs@Baylor University, Baylor University: Want to have your own blog? Blogs@Baylor University provides tips and tricks to navigating the technical side of the blogosphere.
  • CSU OnlinePlus, Colorado State University: The CSU OnlinePlus blog isn't just for CSU students. It provides career advice and classroom tips that can be used by anyone.
  • Northcentral Blog, Northcentral University: As a fully online school, Northcentral University understands the special needs of its students. Its blog offers online learning strategies as well as news related to the university.
  • Concordia Online, Concordia University: Online colleges are a different breed from traditional campuses. The Concordia University blog offers students tips on selecting a program and successfully studying online.
  • UCSB Career Services Blog, University of California, Santa Barbara: From resumes to career fairs, this blog is a treasure trove of information for students looking to seamlessly transition into the workforce.
  • Online Learning Blog, Rasmussen College: Another resource for virtual students, the Online Learning Blog helps students navigate the world of online colleges and classrooms.

Mixed bag: blogs that refuse to be categorized

  • The Daily Illini, University of Illinois: The Daily Illini has been the independent student newspaper for the University of Illinois since 1871. Its online site includes entertainment, sports and news of interest to students and visitors alike.
  • Buckeyes Blog, Ohio State University: Part student life chronicle, part humor blog, the Buckeyes Blog has a little bit of everything. Check it out for a laugh or to read up on the latest OSU sports news.
  • GCU Blogs, Grand Canyon University: Students of GCU can visit the blog to catch up on campus happenings. Visitors should stop by to read the informative posts on education and career planning that pepper the site.
  • Cogswell College Blog, Cogswell Polytechnical College: Where can you find tips on making business cards, cool new music and a zombie dare of the week? Why on the Cogswell College blog of course!
  • Easily Distracted, Swarthmore College: This blog states it is about culture, politics and academia. However, as the title suggests, readers will find themselves veering off into subjects such as college websites and search engine algorithms.
  • The Chicago Blog, University of Chicago Press: Politics, book reviews and the arts are all explored in this blog published by the University of Chicago Press.


Bwog, http://bwog.com/

The Colonialist, http://www.gwcolonialist.com/

Liquid Fun, http://blogs.bu.edu/liquidfun/

Rhodes College Humor, http://rhodeshumor.tumblr.com/

The Yale Record, http://www.yalerecord.com/

Hopkins Insider, http://blogs.hopkins-interactive.com/

Dean's Blog, http://www.carleton.ca/fass/deans-blog/

Exploring the Chico Experience, http://chicostateblog.wordpress.com/

View from the Circle, http://law.case.edu/DeansBlog.aspx

Robert F. Bruner, Dean, http://blogs.darden.virginia.edu/deansblog/

From the Director, http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx

Caltech … As It Happens, http://www.caltech.typepad.com/

Real Students, Real Blogs, Really USF, http://www.usfca.edu/admission/blogs/

The College of Saint Rose Blog, http://blogs.strose.edu/

The Orange, http://macalesterorange.blogspot.com/

Gargoyle, gargoyle.flagler.edu/category/blogs/

The Chimes Online, http://chimes.biola.edu/blogs/

The Real Women of Wellesley, https://blogs.wellesley.edu/admission/

The Ripsit Blog, http://www.usctrojans.com/blog/

Rice Owls, http://www.riceowls.com/blog/

Sports Fans Blog, http://blog.cleveland.com/sports-fans-blog/index.html

Every Day Should be Saturday, http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/

The M Zone, http://michiganzone.blogspot.com/

College Recruiting Blog, http://www.ncsasports.org/blog/

UCLA Economics Blog, http://uclaeconblog.com/

Cornell Mushroom Blog, http://blog.mycology.cornell.edu/

UThink, http://blog.lib.umn.edu/uthink/

Egghead, http://blogs.ucdavis.edu/egghead/

Three Percent, http://www.rochester.edu/College/translation/threepercent/

Biochem Blog, http://blogs.biochem.ncsu.edu/

Dotted Line, http://blogs.artcenter.edu/dottedline/

University of Minnesota Press, http://www.uminnpressblog.com/

The Berkeley Blog, http://blogs.berkeley.edu/

The Best Environmental Politics Blog of all Time, http://sites.middlebury.edu/fuentesgeorge/

The Hill: Chapel Hill Political Review, http://chapelhillpoliticalreview.wordpress.com/

UpFront, http://www.brookings.edu/blogs

Columbia Political Review, http://cpreview.org/

AIU Blog, www.aiuniv.edu/Student-Life/blog

Blogs@Baylor University, http://blogs.baylor.edu/

CSU OnlinePlus, http://blog.online.colostate.edu/

Northcentral Blog, http://blog.ncu.edu/

Concordia Online, http://education.cu-portland.edu/blog/

UCSB Career Services Blog, http://ucsbcareerblog.wordpress.com/

Online Learning Blog, http://www.rasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/online-learning/

The Daily Illini, http://www.dailyillini.com/

Buckeyes Blog, http://undergrad.osu.edu/buckeyes_blog/

GCU Blogs, http://undergrad.osu.edu/buckeyes_blog/

Cogswell College Blog, http://blog.cogswell.edu/

Easily Distracted, http://blogs.swarthmore.edu/burke/

The Chicago Blog, http://pressblog.uchicago.edu/

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