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Whether you took that one photography class in college or just enjoy framing that perfect picture, you may be one of many people who like to go out and shoot all types of pictures. Nowadays, (thank God!) you don't have to know how to process photos in the dark room, but you still want to be able to take that terrific shot. Here are 10 photography blogs that offer great depth of information, user-friendliness, and practicality and should be a help whether you're a budding photographer or professional expert.

Looking for more angles: 10 photography blogs to check out

A Photo Editor Rob Haggart, former Director of Photography for Men's Journal and Outside Magazine, is the brains behind this site, which puts its focus on magazine photography and images used in ad campaigns and news articles. The site's "Quoted" column provides insights into the profession and the artistry of photography while a scroll down the far right side shows what types of articles are garnering comments.
PictureCorrect Looking for photography tips and techniques? This site provides a variety of useful guidelines readers might not find elsewhere -- how to shoot skateboarding, for example. The site also focuses on the more traditional with articles about the elements comprising good photos and even a three-part series entitled "How to Choose a DSLR Lens." You'll also find daily feature photos as well as an equipment shopping guide.
Professional Photographer This site, run by "Professional Photographer" magazine, aka the official magazine of the Professional Photographers of America, offers several areas that should pique the interest of photographers: "The Goods" is all about products, technology and services while the "Profit Center" provides tips on business, marketing and sales strategies. Readers can find more personal connections through "Photo Gallery" where posters share their stories behind their images and projects.

Nature's Best Photography Students This site is geared at very young students (think 21 and younger) who have an enthusiasm about shooting the out-of-doors. The student version of "Nature's Best Photography", a quarterly magazine, this is the place to find more about shooting pics of birds, small mammals, reptiles, flowers and more. Of course, you don't have to be a young adult to enjoy the site; its galleries and videos are open to perusal by all.
Photography Corner The Corner Blog is the cornerstone of this site and offers all things Corner-related: Corner Contest Challenges, Corner Member Close-Ups and SmugMug Corners (interviews with SmugMug users). Really, there's nothing but intrigue (as well as cute thematic use of the word 'corner') on this site. Check out the 8-minute video following a New York City fashion photographer or become intrigued by a contest related to capturing water drops. This site also appears to have the 'corner' on photo galleries, photos of the month, resources, forums and more.
Ask the Photographer Here you can read about the post-production work done on a series of 70 basketball portraits, discover more about the latest DSLR products, or explore the latest photography news (yes, there is photography news!). Ask a question, look through forums, and check out the photo blogs.
PetaPixel This blog is not just for tech-savvy photographers but also for those interested in the art and politics behind photography. Whether you're interested in the new photo app launched by Facebook, a Fujifilm M-Mount adapter, or the work of conceptual artist John Baldessari, something is bound to catch your eye. You'll also find that a lot of care goes into this site: new content is posted several times daily.
Digital Photography Student Run by Alan Graf, a guy who describes himself as passionate about photography, this site (best viewed in IE) provides everything from photography tips to technical advice. Animals and flowers are among Graf's favorite subjects, but new subscribers will find the sky's the limit when it comes to all things photography. New subscribers also receive a free photography crash course.
Popular Photography From buying guides to how-to guides, this site provides vast information on truly useful photography topics. Think photography news is boring? Read the article entitled "Aftermath of Graphic Pulitzer Winning Photo Sparks Ethics Debate" on the site. Or look through the site's forums and videos and find an opportunity to post your work as well as to comment on others'.
Photo Induced Described as the "First Stop in Your Photographic Life," Photo Induced offers video shorts, reader galleries, resources and more. This truly get-out-and-go blog features posts like "Let's go down to the streets and see what's up," "Does this camera bag make my gut look big?" and more. Of course, no photography blog is complete without info on what's new in terms of gear: this site not only offers a place to make your purchases, but also offers weekly giveaways.


That's a wrap!

Hopefully, these blogs can lead you to new ideas about photography or be the jumping off point for inspiration. While many people are drawn to the field, it's fresh perspectives that can result in better photography.

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