10 Design Professors That Will Draw You In On Twitter

The world of design is constantly evolving. Technologies change, fashions shift, and new ideas or individuals come on the scene or fade away. Keeping up with the trends can be a full-time job.

If you want to tune into the online design world, Twitter is a great place to start. It's easy to share links to inspiring designs, stay up-to-date on local events or upcoming design shows, and jump into the online conversation.

The design professors below use Twitter to share their perspectives on the design world, the state of design education and what gets them inspired.

10 design professors you should be following

@abstractmachine: Douglas E. Stanley tweets from Aix-en-Provence, France, where he works as a professor of the digital arts. In addition to updates on his travels and what art is currently catching his eye, Stanley offers quirky commentary on the tech and design worlds.

@Brizzyc: Carrie Brown-Smith is a professor of digital journalism, and her Twitter feed is full of links to tech news and reflections on how social media, data and technology are changing the information world.

@ChrisRisdon: Chris Risdon is a digital designer and adjunct professor at Austin Community College in Texas. Risdon is definitely part of the online conversation, with regular tweets and conversation with followers. Risdon offers his opinion on various technologies and tools, provides links to interesting articles and shares his work on Twitter.

@essl: Mike Essl, associate professor at Cooper Union, loves Mr. T. and hates misformed apostrophes. His Twitter feed is full of entertaining comments and conversations about the state of the design community. Visit his website to learn more about what makes this designer tick.

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@greatgreckler: If you want to know where Greg Eckler is eating, head over to his Twitter feed to check out where he's checking in. This professor of graphic design at the Art Institute of Washington also posts updates about new work in his portfolio and links to eye-catching designs and cool photos via Instagram.

@johnmaeda: John Maeda, president of the Rhode Island School of Design, has an eclectic Twitter feed that combines philosophical musings with useful links on design, education and art. Bonus points for quoting Star Trek: The Next Generation character Deanna Troi.

@loriglessner: Lorraine Glessner is a mixed media artist and adjunct professor in Philadelphia. If you're looking for inspiration, you've found it. Her Twitter feed is an incredible collection of links to art posted on her blog.

@mitzilewis: Mitzi Lewis is a digital media professor at Midwestern State University who tweets regularly on topics such as new media, design and local events. She engages with her students online, and often comments on how students use social media.

@mspeaks: Michael Speaks is the dean of the University of Kentucky's College of Design, so his Twitter feed is a good place to go for information on education and design news. Speaks keeps up with former students and posts about new or interesting designs, workshops and conferences.

@oubliette: Juliette Cezzar is a designer and director of the Communication Design Program at Parsons the New School for Design. She tweets about design events in the New York City area as well as developments in the tech and design world.


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