Online Colleges Offering Master Degrees in Psychology & Behavior

An online master’s degree in psychology offers students advanced coursework and research in a specialized area of psychology. Students learn both practical and theoretical concepts that can be applied to various professional settings or used as a solid foundation for a Ph.D. Whether embarking on a career in a psychology-related field or stepping up to a doctorate program, a master’s degree in psychology from an online college can aid the transition.

What does a Master’s Degree in Psychology from an Online College Entail?

Many schools offer an online Master of Science in Psychology, which puts emphasis on research and sciences, or a Master of Arts in Psychology, which focuses more on liberal arts and social work. Degree programs can often include a concentration in a particular area, such as addictions, crisis management or psychology of culture. Programs vary by educational institution, and some do not require a thesis project, although it could be a good option for those looking to pursue a doctoral degree. Coursework aims to provide students with advanced knowledge of the field, including counseling theories and practices, ethics and multicultural issues, group psychology, family systems theory and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Students are taught the mental processes behind individual human experience and behavior, as well as the application of theoretical principles to inter- and intrapersonal issues. Internships can also supplement the degree program, providing students with practical on-the-job experience.

Related Careers for Graduates of Online Master’s Degree Programs in Psychology

Psychology’s broad scope presents various opportunities for individuals who are passionate about understanding and treating others. Graduates of an online master’s degree program in psychology generally find employment in human services as school counselors, social workers, treatment specialists, speech instructors or mental health counselors. However, the degree could also be applied to other areas, benefitting those in positions such as human resources manager, business consultant or marketing manager. Earning a master’s degree can also benefit those who plan to continue their education and pursue a doctorate degree, which is necessary for some careers such as an academic or industrial or clinical psychologist.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov, 2012), examples of some in-demand psychology-related careers include school counselors and family therapists. Between 2010 and 2020, bls.gov projects that these occupations will increase by 19 percent and 41 percent, respectively. A rise in student enrollment at elementary, middle, and high schools is expected to expand the need for school counselors. Meanwhile, it’s anticipated that the shift toward insurance companies offering reimbursement should make family therapists a more affordable alternative to psychiatrists, increasing demand for those positions as well, according to bls.gov.

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