Online Colleges Offering Master's Degrees in Marketing

Marketing professionals analyze market conditions and develop branding, pricing and promotional strategies that help businesses connect with specific audiences. They are skilled in planning and leading marketing campaigns across a range of media channels, such as print, online or television.

Earning a master’s degree from an online college helps prepare individuals for the challenges of management positions in this rapidly evolving industry.  Additionally, the flexibility of an online program affords working adults the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree without leaving their job, a limitation that may prevent some individuals from attending a traditional campus-based degree program.

What Does a Master’s Degree in Marketing from an Online College Entail?

Many online colleges offer a master of business administration (MBA) with a marketing specialization, a program that incorporates business courses, such as global economics, financial accounting, and business statistics, with coursework on marketing topics like management strategies, market research and consumer behavior. MBA programs allow individuals to gain advanced knowledge of marketing trends and promotional practices and are often sought by those who want to expand their career options.

Other colleges offer a master’s degree in marketing. This option may feature less business classes than an MBA program, but still offers similar marketing-specific courses covering concepts like selling techniques, product design and development and more. Additionally, students might study how to market products and services in various contexts, including small business, global or internet environments.

Online learning provides students with experience using computer software and Web technologies, which could help them in real-world marketing scenarios, such as creating social-media and online-advertising campaigns. In online programs, students interact and collaborate with both their instructors and classmates through Web platforms, including virtual chat rooms and forums, allowing students to develop their communication skills through digital mediums. In addition, as they take classes online, students could also gain new insight on how digital media is experienced from a consumer’s perspective – which may prove useful when determining strategies for reaching target markets.

Related Careers for Graduates of Online Master’s Degree Programs in Marketing

An account executive is one of many positions you could pursue with a master’s degree in marketing. Account executives work at advertising firms, where they consult with department heads, develop budget plans, advise clients on strategy and execute advertising campaigns. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov, 2012) the employment rates for advertising, promotions and marketing managers are expected to grow 14 percent nationally between 2010 and 2020. Due to the rise of online advertising, marketing professionals with digital-media experience should expect to have the best job prospects.

Another related career option for individuals with a marketing master’s degree is a management analyst. This role, also referred to as a management consultant, helps organizations improve productivity. Bls.gov (2012) projects employment rates for management analysts to grow by 22 percent nationally from 2010 to 2020. In an increasingly competitive market, businesses may seek the expertise of professionals who can help them cut spending and utilize resources more efficiently.

Finally, graduates of a master’s degree program in marketing might also pursue a position as a purchasing manager, who makes informed buying decisions about products and materials for organizations, or as a sales manager, who handles responsibilities such as directing sales efforts, analyzing data and setting goals for organizations. Bls.gov (2012) projects national employment rates for these professionals to see a seven and 12 percent increase, respectively, from 2010 to 2020. As businesses strive to maintain profitability, there should be a continued need for these professionals to evaluate cost effectiveness, determine sales strategies and generate new business.

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