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Psychology involves the study of human consciousness, behavior, societal interaction and experience. Principles of psychology are used in nearly every field, from human resources and business practices to educational testing and rehabilitative therapies. For example, analyzing thought processes and motivations can help us market products more effectively, increase worker efficiency or diagnose mental conditions. Completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology from an online college helps to prepare students to address these types of real world issues.

What does a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from an Online College Entail?

Some online colleges offer a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, which focuses on humanities and social sciences and is geared toward caregiving or social work professions. Others offer a Bachelor of Science in psychology, which deals more with the application of psychology in the workplace, including human resources, management, organizational culture and marketing. Regardless of the degree type, psychology curriculum aims to teach students about human behavior, including the motivational processes of humans, biological foundations, professional development skills, and the history and theories of psychology. Coursework can also cover theoretical foundations in experimental, developmental, social and clinical psychology.

Online psychology colleges can offer an alternative to traditional classroom instruction and offer several benefits, including flexible scheduling and the ability to study from anywhere with an Internet connection. Another benefit is the emphasis on independent study and time management, requiring students to take initiative and responsibility for their own education. Students are required to establish their own schedule, while collaborating with instructors and peers to increase their understanding of course concepts. Independent study and effective communication of research findings are important elements of psychology, and these components of an online degree program can translate well into professional environments.

Related Careers for Graduates of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Psychology

The majority of psychologist positions require a graduate degree in psychology. However, depending on location and work experience, a bachelor’s degree can lead to employment as a case manager, career consultant, social worker or probation officer. Due to psychology’s broad scope and practical application to a number of different fields, graduates may also find opportunities in administrative support, public affairs, education, business, health and biological sciences.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov, 2012) notes that the number of special education teachers and social and community service managers is expected to grow. Between 2010 and 2020, it is projected that these psychology-related occupations will increase 17 percent and 27 percent, respectively. Bls.gov also notes that the aging U.S. population, as well as increased demand for substance abuse treatment and special needs education, should enhance the need for social services programs and drive growth for these occupations.

Those interested in an online bachelor’s degree program in psychology can inquire with any of the online colleges below. Program specifics and degree options will be outlined in detail, allowing individuals to make an informed decision about their educational pursuits.

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