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The Internet has become an innovative means of communication for both people and companies alike. Web developers help lead this evolving transformation by creating, maintaining and enhancing websites that aid in the exchange of information. For example, the inclusion of a virtual suggestion box on e-commerce websites allows consumers to provide direct feedback to retailers about their products and services. In addition, as the accessibility of high-speed Internet increases, the need continues to grow for websites that are both fast and responsive.

An online associate degree in Web development helps students increase their knowledge of the relevant tools and technologies that make such improvements possible. With targeted courses and potentially shorter time commitments, associate degree programs can help graduates get ready for their futures.

What Does An Associate Degree In Web Development From An Online College Entail?

Online IT colleges offer multiple associate degree options for those interested in the field of Web development. Some institutions offer associate degrees in information technology with a concentration in Web development, while other schools offer an associate of applied science in Web development. Regardless of the degree option chosen, students in Web development programs typically study programming languages, scripting techniques, website structure and fundamentals of modern-day development.

The format of online colleges can aid students in gaining helpful insights for professional life. For example, online colleges utilize virtual classrooms and forums where students interact with fellow peers as well as instructors. Online students have the opportunity to share their assignments with others, collecting ideas and inspirations to enhance their work. Students can also note the various aspects of online learning portals and carefully examine the elements that they feel need adjustments. These observations can help would-be Web developers blueprint the foundations for future projects.

Related Careers For Graduates Of Online Associate Degree Programs In Web Development

Associate degree programs in Web development can help students prepare to seek assistant-level positions in the industry. These positions may include associate Web developers, assistant Webmasters, junior application developers, assistant PHP developers, Java support technicians and associate video game developers. Skills and experience gained in these roles can lead to more advanced positions as professionals expand their knowledge base and expertise.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov, 2012) expects various factors to contribute to the increase in demand for Web development professionals. The growth in complexity of cyberattacks, the expansion of mobile networks and the adoption of cloud computing and storage all add to the rising need for related Web development positions. Some high growth careers in the technology field include database administrators, software developers and Web developers. The BLS projects that between 2010 and 2020 these occupations could grow by 31 percent, 30 percent and 22 percent nationally, respectively.

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