Online Colleges Offering Associate Degrees in Social Science

Students working toward online associate degrees in social science are preparing for a career in social services. Professionals in this field use their experience and expertise to study and improve human social relationships and interactions. Gaining employment in social services may mean a career in economics, sociology, psychology and the humanities. Online colleges for social science may offer courses in criminology, economics, history, government, psychology and human development.

Due to the broad nature of online associate degrees in social science, the choice of core and elective courses may be diverse and varied. However, students should plan on exploring and comprehending the basic theoretical concepts of social science and human development. They will also learn to understand and analyze basic psychological processes and how they may impact the way that humans interact, coexist and communicate. Individuals who earn an associate degree in social science may also decide to use their education and experience to transition to a four year degree program.

Potential Associate Degree Fields of Study in Social Science

Psychology & Behavior - Professionals in this field specialize in the social, behavioral and developmental aspects of individuals and society. They work to recognize and understand people's behaviors, actions, thoughts and emotions. Students who earn online associate degrees in social science often gain employment as psychiatric technicians in public or private mental hospitals, nursing care facilities, or mental health clinics.

These professionals use their experience, education and knowledge to provide care for mentally ill or emotionally disturbed patients. Others who earn this degree use their education and skills to gain employment in government, education, law enforcement and home health care. A social sciences degree program can open the door to a wide range of career opportunities within the disciplines of psychology, behavior and social sciences.