Online Colleges Offering Associate Degrees in Law & Criminal Justice

If you want to work with people and have an interest in promoting the safety of your community, then you may want to consider looking into online criminal justice colleges. Students in this field learn the intricacies of the criminal justice system and how it relates to careers in law enforcement, corrections, and the judicial system. Curriculum can vary, but students working toward online associate degrees in law & criminal justice study a variety of law-related subjects, including criminology, crime analysis, crime control strategies and theories, and social welfare.

Potential Associate Degree Fields of Study in Law & Criminal Justice

Corrections - Individuals working in corrections are in charge of overseeing criminals and the accused as they work their way through various stages of the criminal justice system. Corrections officers typically work in jails and correctional facilities, and are in charge of supervising the daily activities of inmates, enforcing rules and ensuring order, and maintaining security.

Court Reporting - Professionals in this field attend legal proceedings and specific events in order to create a word-for-word account of the events that transpired. They typically create transcripts, edit them for accuracy, and distribute copies to interested parties.

Criminal Justice - Individuals who work in criminal justice generally choose employment as a police officer or detective. These professionals are in charge of maintaining public safety and enforcing the rules and laws defined by their city, state and local legislature. In addition to enforcement of laws, individuals in this field investigate crimes, interrogate criminals, and prepare evidence for other branches of the criminal justice system.

Homeland Security - Professionals working in homeland security are charged with the protection and safety of our country, as well as individual citizens. Individuals in this field may work in emergency preparedness and response, border security, and transportation security.

Investigation - Investigators working in the criminal justice system gather evidence from crime scenes and use their expertise to find individuals suspected of criminal activity. Others in this field may choose to work as a private investigator. In this role, they may do undercover work in order to discover private information about individuals or groups.

Paralegal & Legal Services - Paralegals and legal assistants provide hands-on assistance to lawyers in a wide range of workplace settings. They may conduct research, do basic administrative tasks, and work with various legal documents. Paralegals and legal assistants typically work in legal departments, for government offices, or for private legal firms.

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