Online Colleges Offering Associate Degrees in Education

Students who want to make a positive impact in children's lives may want to consider pursuing online associate degrees in education. Curriculum can vary, but students in this field are generally required to complete basic core classes such as mathematics, English and college level writing. Online colleges for education also offer classes tailored to this specific degree including childhood development, child psychology, creative play, early childhood development, and literature and language arts. Many students choose a specialization or focus. Some of the options include early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education and special education.

By working as an educator, individuals get the opportunity to help children evolve into responsible and caring citizens. Online associate degrees in education can open the door to a wide range of careers in this field and some who earn this degree find work as teacher's aides, preschool teachers, childcare workers and daycare workers. Some professionals in this field also choose to enter the field of special education, where they strive to foster healthy learning environments for children and young adults with special needs. Others choose to work with adult learners in a continuing education or college setting.

Potential Associate Degree Fields of Study in Education

Early Childhood Education - Students who choose to earn an associate degree in early childhood education have the opportunity to work with the smallest and most impressionable young children. In addition to serving as a positive role model, educators of small children promote language and literacy development, work with children to facilitate healthy social skills, and organize activities that are designed to encourage healthy mental and social development. Having an associate degree in early childhood education can provide opportunities for a career in a daycare facility, private daycare center or Headstart program.

Teacher Aide - If you would like to work in a school, you may want to consider a career as a teacher aide, teacher assistant, instructional aide, paraprofessional, or paraeducator. These professionals assist teachers in creating and implementing lesson plans, maintaining order in the classroom, and supervising small groups of children. Teacher aides may also grade papers, help students with their homework, and assist the teacher in monitoring individual student's progress. This career can also be a great stepping stone toward earning a bachelor's degree and becoming a full-time teacher. If you're interested in working in a school setting and want to become a teacher in the future, working as a teacher aide could be an excellent opportunity to experience the job firsthand.

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