Online Colleges in Toledo, Ohio

Online Colleges in Toledo, Ohio

Toledo students can seek to take advantage of the city's commitment to innovation and success in a number of significant industries. Online courses can help students develop or advance skills that may help them take part in that success. Online college students in Toledo can benefit from the scheduling and pacing flexibility that often comes with this education option, and allocate time toward not only expanding their academic abilities but also their cultural knowledge through points of interest such as the city's Museum of Art and Imagination Station.

Possible Jobs After Earning Your Online College Degree in Toledo

Students of online college programs in Toledo may want to pursue an education relevant to one of the city's key industries. A few of these industries are discussed below:

Energy Jobs

Known as "Solar Valley," Toledo has made and continues to make large strides in the energy sector, particularly in alternative energy, solar energy and biofuels. According to northwest Ohio's Regional Growth Partnership (rgp.org, 2013), university research has led to solar startups being commercialized in the city, and in 2010, northwest Ohio was named a "Solar Hub of Innovation." The region aims to foster innovation in the industry through cutting-edge technology and combine government, industry and university resources to make the solar energy sector a sustainable regional economic driver. The University of Toledo exemplifies this mission through its School of Solar and Advanced Renewable Energy and Wright Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization.

Regional Growth Partnership notes that northwest Ohio boasts an entrepreneurial culture for solar energy and biofuels. Several related companies, including Solar Valley Solutions and Xunlight Corporation, are based in Toledo.

Individuals interested in joining the energy industry may find career opportunities in a variety of subsectors. Biofuels, sustainability, wind energy and nuclear engineering are only a few. The education path one takes depends on the specific sector of interest. Nuclear engineers, who research and create instruments, processes and systems used to extract benefits from radiation and nuclear energy, typically need a bachelor's degree and courses in engineering and mathematics, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov, 2012). Agricultural engineers, whose responsibilities sometimes include developing biofuels, often take college courses rooted in science, engineering, and mathematics.

Automotive Jobs

During World War II, Toledo's Willys-Overland Motor Company manufactured over 350,000 vehicles for the military, recounts Regional Growth Partnership. Today, Toledo continues to grow in the automotive industry. The northwest Ohio region houses 82 companies and employs almost 23,000 workers in the automotive industry.

Major automobile companies capitalize on Toledo's major automotive center. Chrysler, for example, has plans to invest $500 million for the expansion of its Toledo North Assembly Plant. According to Regional Growth Partnership, the expansion is predicted to create 1,000 jobs in the city. As further proof of Toledo's success in the industry, two of its plants have been recognized for their outstanding work. Harbour Report named Chrysler's Toledo North Assembly Plant the most productive assembly plant in North America and named GM's Powertrain Plant, which employs almost 1,900 workers, the most productive transmission facility (rgp.org. 2013).

While automotive service and mechanic occupations do not generally require a college degree, they may require certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, according to bls.gov. Managerial positions, on the other hand, do often require a degree. Industrial production managers, for example, generally need a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering or business administration. Some employers may require managers to have a graduate degree in industrial management or a Master of Business Administration (MBA). These managers handle day-to-day operations of manufacturing and related plants as well as the activities used to create their plant's products (bls.gov, 2012).

Food Processing & Agribusiness Jobs

Regional Growth Partnership describes the Toledo/northwest Ohio region as one of the nation's leading manufacturers of agriculture and food products. Thanks to its proximity to Lake Erie and the Great Lakes, the Toledo region has a large supply of fresh water, an integral ingredient in food processing. Northwest Ohio has a strong supply chain in the industry and an abundance of food companies - a major advantage to ingredients suppliers and packaging companies. Hirzel Canning Company & Farms, producer of canned tomatoes and tomato products, is based in Toledo, as is a Smuckers Co. manufacturing plant, which employs over 200 Toledo workers. Toledo also houses the Center for Innovative Food Technology, which provides such services as food safety consulting, product and package development, and technology development and prototyping (rpg.org, 2013).

Students interested in working in the food processing and agribusiness industry can potentially do so via a variety of careers and degree programs. Bls.gov states that prospective food scientists and technologists can benefit from courses in chemistry, biology, plant conservation, and botany as well as more specialized courses such as food engineering, food chemistry, and food processing operations. Agricultural and food science technicians generally need an associate degree in animal science or related field as well as a strong background in physics, applied chemistry, and math. Courses in animal science, biology, chemistry, and agricultural engineering may also help prepare students for work in the industry (bls.gov, 2012).

How to Find Online College Programs in Toledo

Residents of northwest Ohio can pursue career and education opportunities in the region's key industries. Additionally, pursuing an online degree or taking online college courses in relevant subjects may help students work towards making an impact in one of those industries. Students who hope to attend an online school in Toledo should contact an admissions counselor to discuss degree options and requirements. See online colleges in Ohio for more education options.

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