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Cleveland is home to a variety of cultural institutions, including its Museum of Contemporary Art, the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum, and the NASA Glenn Research Center, to name a few. Residents of the city can also take advantage of online college programs in Cleveland. Businesses in Cleveland can take advantage of the greater region's proximity to Canadian and American markets, and talent from 30 colleges and universities.

Online education can be particularly helpful for individuals who are already a part of Cleveland's workforce and wish to advance their skills, as well as for those who have other commitments preventing them from pursuing a campus program.

Notable Industries in Cleveland, OH

According to the U.S. Census, Cleveland was home to 26,208 businesses in 2007. Today, those firms operate in several key industries. A few of these industries are discussed below:

Careers in Alternative Energy

According to Cleveland Plus Business and Team NEO, Northeast Ohio excels in two particular subsectors of the oil and gas industry: wind energy and fuel cells. Wind energy businesses can take advantage of manufacturing opportunities in engineering, mechanical components, lubricants and coating, and materials development. Additionally, Ohio is one of only a few states that have experience with the entire fuel cell production process -- from research and development to manufacturing. Case Western University's Wright Fuel Cell Group is also based in Cleveland, as are Quasar Energy Group and the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation.

Students interested in the oil and gas industry have a number of degree options to explore in a variety of industry subsectors. For example, those interested in wind energy may find opportunities in research and development, manufacturing, scientific research or engineering. Environmental engineers in this industry subsector assess potential environmental consequences of wind turbines. They typically need a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering or a related discipline to qualify for jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov). An environmental science degree, as bls.gov states, can help one qualify for work as an environmental scientist or specialist.

Atmospheric science is another area of wind energy that one can pursue. Atmospheric scientists, also known as meteorologists, observe the atmosphere to make sure that there is enough wind to generate electricity. These professionals usually need a bachelor's degree in atmospheric science or a related science, and at least a master's degree for research positions. The BLS recommends advanced education in mathematics and physics.

Agricultural engineers may work on creating biofuels for improved conservation, and the BLS states that these professionals usually need a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering or biological engineering, and often take courses in mathematics, science and engineering. Students also have the opportunity to pursue a business-focused education in energy via such degree programs as an MBA in environmental management.

Careers in Healthcare and Life Sciences

The Northeast Ohio region has been experiencing average annual growth of 7.4 percent in the healthcare and life sciences industry, according to Cleveland Plus Business. More than 60 hospitals and over 700 biomedical companies operate in the region, and M2M Imaging and Proxy Biomedical are specifically based in the city of Cleveland.

Medical imaging, biomedical initiatives, stem cell and orthopedics, and cardiovascular are specific subsectors in which the region is making progress. BioEnterprise, based in Cleveland, aims to further the biomedical industry with its goal to obtain venture capital for startups in the sector. The company has brought more than $500 million in funding to the region over a period of five years.

Students who want to prepare themselves for a career in this industry can do so via several potential health and science degree options. According to bls.gov, a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering, in addition to specialized courses in fluid and solid mechanics, biomaterials, biological sciences and engineering, are often required for biomedical engineering positions. Potential responsibilities for this career include designing medical service products (e.g. artificial organs) and analyzing solutions to medical issues.

Occupational therapy is another potential course of study for the healthcare industry. Occupational therapists, who provide therapeutic treatment to patients with an illness or injury, commonly have a master's degree in occupational therapy and a license to practice. Common bachelor's degree coursework for this field includes physiology and biology.

Careers in Aerospace

Northeast Ohio's metalworking and advanced manufacturing abilities make it an excellent region for aerospace operations. Materion Corporate, a materials solution company, is headquartered in Cleveland and develops products that serve the aerospace industry. Students aiming for a career in aerospace may find opportunities in engineering, manufacturing, or management. Aerospace engineers, who design spacecraft, aircraft, missiles and satellites, generally have at least a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering or another aerospace discipline, as per bls.gov.

Working on the manufacturing side of operations, industrial engineers work to improve production process efficiency. These professionals need a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, and often take courses in manufacturing systems design and statistics. Industrial production managers supervise day-to-day operations of manufacturing plants, and typically need a bachelor's degree in business administration or industrial engineering. Some employers require a master's degree in business administration or industrial management.

Getting Started on Your Online College Education in Cleveland

Residents of Cleveland and the greater Northeast Ohio region can take advantage of the area's prominence in a variety of industries. Those attending online schools in Cleveland may find opportunities in business, engineering, energy and other industries, provided they take the required coursework. Potential students should contact an admissions counselor to discuss degree options and requirements. See online colleges in Ohio for more education options.

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