Top 50 Blogs for College Students

Jun 27, 2013 | By Aimee Hosler

This generation of college students is decidedly plugged in. Armed with smartphones, tablets and notebooks, they can log on anytime, anywhere -- even when they should be studying. So what exactly are they doing, beyond making the usual social media rounds? For some of them, the answer is blogging. They write, read and share posts that speak to their interests and experiences. This can be especially useful for new or future students who want to get a taste for the college life or for students attending online colleges who want to connect with their peers. Intrigued? Check out these 50 blogs, arranged categorically and alphabetically, to get a glimpse into the not-so-secret lives of American college students.

50 Must-Visit Blogs for College Students in 2013

College Culture

Campus Chat, College Prowler:

  • Sick of admissions-speak? This blog cuts through the higher-ed jargon to bring some much-needed clarity to what can be an overwhelming process.

Campus Life:

  • This blog, from Valore Books, an online textbook marketplace, can help you do everything from creating your own major to drafting (and completing) your college bucket list.

College Candy:

  • Study break? This sleek blog offers distraction-worthy advice on everything from college style and romance to health and entertainment.

College Cures:

  • How do you meet guys (or girls) after graduating? What snacks keep you on your toes? This blog offers answers to the burning college-life questions you never even knew you had.

College Fashion:

  • Ditch the hoodie (and your slacker rep) with these nuggets of style wisdom by and for college fashionistas.

College Students Are Poor!:

  • Move over starving artists! College students are officially indebted, and in a big way. Learn how to make the most of your meager budget here.

Elite Daily:

  • Get (college) cultured with this clever Gen-Y blog featuring sections on news, money, dating, life and more.

Every College Girl:

  • What should every college girl know? Find out on this fashion and lifestyle blog.


  • College life doesn't come with a manual, but this blog comes pretty darn close. Learn how to powernap like a pro, how to use Wikipedia in your studies without having to cite it and more.

Her Campus:

  • This "collegiette's guide to life" can teach you how to elevate your style and mix a mean cocktail and also what to do when your guy is always "too tired" to hang out, among other things.

Small Kitchen College:

  • Ramen? Again? (Insert whine here.) You may be a poor college student, but you don't have to eat like one. Learn how to make healthy food on a shoestring budget with this tasty blog.


  • Ever wished there was an easy way to get the inside scoop on prospective colleges? StuVu's campus reviews -- and other helpful information -- might be right up your alley.

Surviving College Life:

  • Want to know how to stay awake during class? Or what to do if you sleep through an exam? This quirky blog can help you navigate the ups and downs of college life.

The College Critic:

  • Elevate your grub with this foodie-centric blog for college students. The blog features recipes, campus dining reviews and more.

The College Crush:

  • Let's face it, the college dating scene can be messy and awkward. This witty blog could help you make it through (mostly) unscathed.


  • Fashion. Politics. That trendy new app everyone is talking about (but you have no clue how to use). This college life blog covers it all -- and more.

Welcome to College, Freshmen:

  • This info-packed blog aims to help you succeed in your first year of college (and maybe even avoid gaining the dreaded "Freshman 15").



  • Need a good laugh-until-you-cry? Find witty posts, videos and photos on this blog geared toward college students who can take a joke.


  • Noisy dorms. Annoying roommates. Your "case of the Mondays." You have college problems - this amusing blog has answers.

Don't Panic!:

  • Everything you need to know about this virtual comic strip is summed up in its tagline: "Coffee. Nerds. Comics." Need we say more?

Funny or Die College:

  • This well-known blog -- founded by funnymen Will Farrell and Judd Apatow -- has a subpage designed especially for the college comedy connoisseur, featuring hilarious memes, videos and more.

Overheard at College:

  • Ever overheard something interesting or ridiculous on campus, but had no one to share it with? Now, thanks to this blog, you can share these gems with the world.

Passive Aggressive Notes:

  • What do you get when you mix the stress of college life, sleep deprivation and a pen? If this blog is any indication, you get some pretty entertaining notes.



  • Science majors + grad school students rejoice! This science blog could help you connect the dots between your muddled undergrad years and the workforce.

College Info Geek:

  • Want to "be awesome at college?" Get there with this blog, tackling topics such as "Earning Passive Income the Smart Way" and "5 Resume Mistakes You're Totally Not Making (But Your Friends Are)."

College Thrive:

  • College students write. And write, and write and write. Learn how to do it well with this blog, which promises "expert academic writing guidance."


  • The New York Times once called this generation of college students and grads the entrepreneurial generation. Make good use of that label with this business-focused blog.

Grad Hacker:

  • Grad students may learn early on that their foray into post-baccalaureate territory presents a whole new can of collegiate worms. This blog can help you get with the program.


  • College is rough. This blog's arsenal of study and living tips and tricks can help you put its motto -- "work smarter, not harder" -- into action.

LSAT Blog:

  • Choosing and applying to a law school is complicated enough without the LSAT looming over you. Find LSAT tips and sample questions here.


  • Yes, this MBA-lifestyle blog can help business students keep up with MBA trends, but it also offers insight into college dating, school life and even style. How is that for multi-tasking?

Student Branding Blog:

  • Find relevant, up-to-date career and education advice for high school, undergrad and grad students. Dan Schawbel, the blog's founder, is a "renowned personal branding expert" and author.

Stu-DENT Diaries:

  • If you are a now-or-future dental student, you won't want to miss this blog chock full of helpful career and school information.

Study Hacks:

  • "(Decode) patterns of success" with this college-focused blog from Cal Newport, an MIT Ph.D. candidate turned Georgetown University professor.

Study Skills Blog, College:

  • This study skills blog offers tips and tools designed to boost academic success and even features content specifically for those attending online colleges.

Study Successful:

  • If there is one thing this blog's Dutch author, Stefan Knapen, teaches you, it's that college is challenging everywhere, and that solid study tips are truly universal.

The College Solution:

  • Geared toward future college students, this blog features a host of useful insights on how to prepare for college, including tips for picking the right school, financial aid and scholarship advice and more.

The Thesis Whisperer:

  • Get writing, presentation and career preparatory tips from this blog, which says it is "just like the horse whisperer -- but with more pages."

A Day in the Life

Bwog, Columbia University:

  • Ever wondered what it is like to be a student at Columbia? Find out at Bwog.

Hanover Blog:

  • This by-and-for Hanover students blog is a virtual window into life at this private Indiana liberal arts college.


  • Brown. Cornell. Harvard. Dartmouth. Get a glimpse into the Ivy League with this cross-institutional blog written by students and recent grads.

Life at NYU Law:

  • NYU is renowned for the size of its student body and the quality of education it provides. Find out what it's like to attend by perusing this student-run bog.

One University, Chapman University:

  • This Chapman-hosted blog brings student and administrative voices together to offer prospective (and current) students the inside scoop on campus life.

Pre-Med Hell:

  • Think "Grey's Anatomy" is intense? Find out what it's like to study pre-med with this blog, which features the "rants" of self-described neurotics.

Rhodes College Humor:

  • Rhodes students (and student-wannabes), laugh and relate at this Tumblr site designed just for them.

Study Abroad Bloggers, Bucknell University:

  • College is all about expanding your horizons, right? Learn how to literalize that philosophy with this blog by and for students studying abroad.

Sympathy and Greeting, Cornell University:

  • Tongue meets cheek in this funny-but-insightful blog on Cornell living.

The Freshman Year Blog, Indiana University:

  • This IU Office of Admissions blog was created to help freshmen and prospective students make the most of their first year on the Indiana campus.

Ravi's Blog, Wellesley College:

  • Student Ravi Ravishanker, author of this blog, writes about massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other technology topics.

Wesleying, Wesleyan University:

  • This WU student blog covers everything from the local music scene to catching up with former Wesleyan presidents.

Get the Full (Online) College Experience

The college blogs featured here can offer a glimpse into modern college life, give students a way to express themselves, and help readers succeed both academically and socially -- including those who attend online colleges. You can learn more about what it's like to attend a particular school by visiting its campus, touching base with existing students or contacting an admissions representative.

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Blog URLs:

Campus Chat, College Prowler, http://blog.collegeprowler.com/

Campus Life, http://www.valorebooks.com/campus-life/

College Candy, http://collegecandy.com/

College Cures, http://www.collegecures.com/

College Fashion: http://www.collegefashion.net/

College Students Are Poor!, http://collegestudentsarepoor.com/

Elite Daily, http://elitedaily.com/

Every College Girl, http://everycollegegirl.com/

GearFire, http://www.gearfire.net/

Her Campus, http://www.hercampus.com/

Small Kitchen College, http://college.biggirlssmallkitchen.com/

StuVu: http://blog.stuvu.com/

Surviving College Life, http://www.survivingcollegelife.com/

The College Critic, http://thecollegecritics.com/

The College Crush, http://thecollegecrush.com/

Uloop, http://blog.uloop.com/

Welcome to College, Freshmen, http://welcometocollegefreshmen.com/blogs/

CollegeHumor, http://www.collegehumor.com/

Collegeproblems, http://collegeproblems.org/

Don't Panic!, http://dontpaniccomic.com/

Funny or Die College, http://www.funnyordie.com/topic/college

Overheard at College, http://www.overheardatcollege.com/

Passive Aggressive Notes: http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/category/university/

BenchFly, http://www.benchfly.com/blog/

College Info Geek, http://collegeinfogeek.com/

College Thrive, http://collegethrive.com/

College-Startup, http://www.college-startup.com/

Grad Hacker, http://www.gradhacker.com/

HackCollege: http://www.hackcollege.com/

LSAT Blog: http://lsatblog.blogspot.com/

MBAsocial: http://mba-social.com/

Student Branding Blog: http://studentbranding.com/

Stu-DENT Diaries: http://www.stu-dentdiaries.com/

Study Hacks, http://calnewport.com/blog/

Study Skills Blog, College, http://www.studyskillsblog.com/category/college-studying/

 Study Successful, http://studysuccessful.com/

The College Solution, http://www.thecollegesolution.com/

The Thesis Whisperer: http://thesiswhisperer.com/

Bwog, http://bwog.com/

Hanover Blog: http://blogs.hanover.edu/students/

IvyGate: http://www.ivygateblog.com/

Life at NYU Law: http://blogs.law.nyu.edu/lifeatnyulaw/

One University, http://blogs.chapman.edu/students/

Pre-Med Hell: http://www.premedhell.com/

Rhodes College Humor, http://rhodeshumor.tumblr.com/

Study Abroad Bloggers, http://studyabroad.blogs.bucknell.edu/

Sympathy and Greeting, http://blogs.cornell.edu/fhaqqi/

The Freshman Year Blog, http://admit.indiana.edu/blog/

Ravi's Blog, https://blogs.wellesley.edu/ravisblog/

Wesleying, http://wesleying.org/

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