10 Online MBA Concentrations

May 28, 2015 | By Aimee Anderson
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A Master of Business Administration degree, or an MBA, can be a solid way to enter into the business or management fields, but did you know you can actually specialize your MBA to reflect your goals and interests? These 10 online MBA concentrations illustrate just how personalized an MBA degree can be.

Accounting Career


MBAs in accounting can be number-crunchers for positions beyond just accountants, including budget analysts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that budget analysts help companies organize their finances by reviewing reports and monitoring spending. As the BLS states, a degree in accounting can be an asset for these professionals and an advanced degree is sometimes required for employment for both budget analysts and general accountants and auditors.

Students can fulfill the educational requirements by pursuing an MBA in accounting from a school such as Saint Leo University. This online MBA degree reviews broad business themes, such as business management, oral presentation and ethics, as well as several specialized accounting subjects. Fraud examination, advanced cost accounting and fund accounting are just a few examples of accounting topics that courses may cover.

Fast Facts for Accountants and Auditors from the 2014 BLS Occupational Employment Wages and Statistics

Top State Employing Accountants and Auditors in 2014
Top Paying State in 2014
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Median Salary in the USA in 2014
CaliforniaDistrict of ColumbiaFind Online MBA Programs for Accounting

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Entrepreneurship Career


If you think entrepreneurship is a promising avenue, you're in good company: The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor's 2012 Global Report suggested that American's positive perception of entrepreneurship reached its highest level in 14 years, as noted in CNBC. Earning an MBA in entrepreneurship can help one gain the necessary skills for launching and managing their own business.

Southern New Hampshire University is one school that offers an online MBA in Entrepreneurship. The program is flexible and convenient, as classes are available both on campus and online. Like some other programs featured on our list, SNHU keeps its class sizes small to help provide a personalized education. Students can learn from professors with personal experience in entrepreneurship, as many of them are or were business owners or executives.

Finance Concentration


Skilled finance professionals help businesses and individuals invest their money wisely. Financial services sales agents, for example, buy and sell securities and commodities for clients and monitor financial markets. While a bachelor's degree may get your foot in the door, the BLS reports that an MBA in finance could boost your advancement potential.

Colorado Technical University says that its MBA in finance helps students develop skills they need to make important financial decisions, research and analyze financial information and add organizational value. Students can pursue this program online or on campus in Denver or Colorado Springs. Prospective students can gain further knowledge of the program through the website's survey data that measures both alumni satisfaction with the program and employer experience with CTU alumni.

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Top Paying State in 2014
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Median Salary in the USA in 2014
New York New YorkFind Online MBA Programs in Finance

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Health and Medical Management Career

Health Care Administration

Aging baby boomers and medical advancements will generate a lot of career opportunity in health care, according to the BLS. With a projected growth rate of up to 23 percent between 2012 and 2022, medical and health service management is one attractive subset of the health care industry. Job candidates typically have a bachelor's degree in health administration and take courses such as accounting and health economics. Many professionals also have a master's degree in a relevant discipline.

Students can fulfill these educational requirements by pursuing an online MBA in Health Care Administration through the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. The program includes coursework in health care administration, policy, ethics and even budgeting -- which mostly coincide with some of the courses noted by the BLS. Students can also choose the business elective of their choice, potentially expanding their skill set and diversifying their resumes.

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Top State Employing Health and Medical Managers in 2014
Top Paying State in 2014
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Median Salary in the USA in 2014
CaliforniaDistrict of ColumbiaFind Online MBA Programs in Health Care Administration

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Human Resources

Human Resource Management

Studies suggest much of a company's success is determined by how happy its employees are, but ensuring an entire organization's needs are being met is a tricky affair. That is where HR professionals come in. Human resource managers handle administrative functions such as hiring and making benefits and compensation adjustments. They may also play a role in resolving employee disputes. The BLS notes that an MBA is sometimes required for higher-level HR managers.

Fitchburg State University says its online MBA in Human Resources Management students enjoy small group formats that maximize personalization. Students can learn about various topics in the context of human resources management, such as "Legal Issues in HR Management" and "Accounting Practices for Managers." Those with time constraints can take advantage of the flexibility of the program; students don't have to take classes at a scheduled time; they just need to keep up regular course participation.

Fast Facts for HR Managers from the 2014 BLS Occupational Employment Wages and Statistics

Top State Employing HR Managers in 2014
Top Paying State in 2014
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Median Salary in the USA in 2014
CaliforniaNew JerseyFind Online MBA Programs in Human Resource Management


Information Systems Concentration

Information Systems Management

Technology has generated a great deal of new career opportunities in a number of occupations, and information security analysts and computer network architects are no exception. According to the BLS, demand for these professionals is projected to grow by up to 15 percent between 2012 and 2022, and employers sometimes prefer candidates with MBAs in information systems.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology offers a specialized MBA in Management Information Systems that helps cultivate the skills grads need to succeed in information systems management, all through a fully online learning format. For a more specialized education, students can even focus their degree on information security. NJIT currently ranks among Princeton Review's best business schools in the nation, and its School of Management earned a place in U.S. News and World Report's "Best Online Graduate Business Programs" in 2012.

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Median Salary in the USA in 2014
CaliforniaCaliforniaFind Online Master Programs for Information Systems

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International Business MBA

International Business

Business is a global affair, and individuals in international business MBA programs are often trained to operate in an increasingly global environment. This specialized degree can be applicable to a number of business careers that require international travel. Management analysts, for example, travel often and advise companies on how they might become more efficient and profitable, the BLS states. With a projected growth of up to 19 percent between 2012 and 2022, the BLS suggests that these professionals are in demand.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers an online MBA in International Business, designed to help students learn how to handle global business operations. Examples of potential coursework include marketing and globalization, leadership in a global context, and international finance.

Marketing MBA

Marketing Management

Marketing managers' responsibilities range from estimating demand for products and services to creating pricing strategies. The BLS projects that marketing, advertising, and promotions management employment will grow by up to 12 percent overall from 2012 to 2022, but prospects should be especially strong for those with Internet marketing experience.

Benedictine University's online MBA program offers specialized degree programs in both marketing and Internet marketing (among other emphases). Benedictine says it keeps class sizes small to make it easier for students to receive personal attention, and that graduates earn the same respected degree that campus-based students earn. The school offers several courses that could benefit students as digital marketing experience grows in importance. Those pursuing the marketing concentration can take "Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age," and those pursuing the Internet marketing can select from class topics such as web analytics and social media.

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Median Salary in the USA in 2014
CaliforniaNew YorkFind Online Master Programs for Marketing

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Project Management MBA Concentration

Project Management

MBAs in project management can help prepare students for leading teams and managing major projects, skills that can benefit a diversity of careers, such as software development. Software developers are the most in-demand professionals featured on our list, with a BLS projected employment growth of up to 22 percent between 2012 and 2022. This MBA concentration can be especially helpful for those professionals who operate as IT project managers and oversee software projects throughout all development stages.

Florida Tech University is one school that offers an online MBA in Project Management and can help students gain the credentials to become a project manager in software development or other fields. FTU's degree program emphasizes team collaboration and project-based learning. Students may engage in case studies and learn about useful tools and strategies for different stages of the project lifecycle.

Supply Chain Management MBA

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is an essential function of business. These professionals, which include industrial production managers, coordinate and direct all activities that ensure goods and services are produced on time and on budget. While a bachelor's degree may be sufficient in smaller operations, the BLS reports that for industrial production management, larger plants and factories may prefer candidates with MBAs.

Northeastern University's online MBA in Supply Chain Management may satisfy that requirement while providing the practical skills necessary to thrive in the field. NU's curriculum aims to prepare students for work in a diversity of settings, such as the transportation industry. Examples of topics that courses may cover include warehouse management, inventory control, and the design and operation of supply and distribution systems.

Rechart your future with an online MBA

One of the snazziest things about MBA programs is that they usually don't require your undergraduate degree be in business. If you have fallen out of love with your current field and are thinking about investing in a business career, online MBA programs can provide you with the education you need, while allowing you to keep your full-time job. Research online colleges offering MBAs to make a start.

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