Online Colleges for Alternative Medicine

More and more, people are turning to natural alternatives to heal their stress and health issues, which is why interest in alternative medicine programs is growing. Alternative medicine providers can work part-time or have a flexible schedule at a number of locations. Those working in the field can be found aiding others in a variety of places, including chiropractic offices, gyms, health care facilities, private offices, retreat centers, resorts, spas and wellness centers. There are also many who go into business for themselves and create their own schedules and enjoy the challenge of establishing their own clientele.

Alternative Medicine Online Programs

Online programs in alternative medicine can lead you to a certificate or even an associate or bachelor's degree. While you might find licensing more of a requirement than completion of a degree program, you do need some kind of basic training through alternative medicine programs to be able to gain the needed skills to work in your desired field. Currently, examples of online alternative medicine programs include a Diploma in Natural Health or Relaxation Therapy and Bachelors of Arts degrees in Complementary and Alternative Health or Health Education. In these programs, coursework can focus on fields such as homeopathy and naturopathy, relaxation and dietary therapies. If you are looking for online programs that feature a scientific grounding, a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition Science is available completely online.

Job Outlook for Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep track of many occupations related to alternative medicine, it does provide information on one:  massage therapy. Data indicates that employment opportunities for massage therapists are expected to grow by 19 percent during the 2008-2018 decade and this could result in the creation of more than 145,000 new jobs. Massage therapists earned mean annual wages of $39,770, according to 2010 BLS data. Another field that is somewhat related, but that requires advanced education at a four-year school in addition to an undergraduate education, is that of chiropractic care. That the field is expected to grow by 20 percent during 2008-2018 and that chiropractors earned mean annual wages of $79,820 could be positive reasons for pursuing a related advanced education.

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