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A 2009 IBIS World Report named online education Australia's fastest-growing industry. This is exciting but not surprising news. According to a Group of 8 study, in the last decade college enrollment in Australia has gone down slightly among 15-19 year-olds but has risen for all older age groups. These older students, who often have families and jobs, are taking advantage of the flexibility offered by the online universities serving Australia. But younger students are also choosing to study online in Australia, aware of the many benefits of doing so.

Benefits of Online Schools Serving Australia

Online colleges enable you to log in to the virtual classroom when and where it's convenient, so you can support yourself or take care of your family while increasing your earning potential through education. A college degree improves your prospects of being hired or promoted, and online degrees have particular advantages. For example, the experience of working with educational web programs and interfaces improves your computer literacy and makes you more marketable as a prospective hire. Online college is also a great choice if you live outside one of Australia's metropolitan areas and travel is difficult. Studying from home, you don't have room and board expenses or commuting costs. Online programs typically offer you more control over the pace of learning than traditional schools, and offer you the option of signing up for single courses as well as degree programs. So whether you want to explore a subject of interest or gain valuable real-world skills, one of the many online colleges serving Australia is sure to fit your needs.

Quick Facts

  • The 2009 IBIS World Report projected a 12-month growth rate of 24.3% for Australian online education--double the rate of any other industry.
  • IBIS World identified 764 online institutions of higher education serving Australia in 2009.
  • 2010 undergraduate enrollment at Australia's largest online university consortium was up 22.5%.

Online Schools in Australia

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