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Asia is home to the greatest number of students enrolled in online colleges and universities on the planet. Many choose to study online in Asia to increase their earning power and advance their careers by getting degrees, while others take online classes in subjects of personal interest. And in more isolated nations like Bhutan, Nepal and Cambodia, online universities serving Asia are a vital connection to the worldwide academic community.

Benefits of Online Schools Serving Asia

You can log in to the virtual classroom anywhere there is an internet connection, and do your coursework when it's most convenient. This means you can raise a family while acquiring skills and credentials to land a job or continue to work while educating yourself to advance your career. Even if you are a full-time student, going to college online has particular advantages. You save money on room and board and commuting expenses when your campus is the internet. And working with web tools and programs increases your computer literacy, making you more marketable in our plugged-in world. Asia is especially plugged-in, being home to 42% of world internet users, while places like Singapore and Hong Kong are emerging as international hubs of technological innovation. Other Asian nations have become manufacturing centers, and are combating the resulting environmental impacts. Online colleges serving Asia benefit students and non-students alike by cutting down on paper waste and fuel emissions from travel to campus.

Quick Facts

  • India is a huge emerging market for online education, with venture capitalists having invested US $74 million in online education companies in 2007, and industry experts predicting revenues of US $1billion by the end of the decade.
  • Over 10% of Chinese and 20% of Indian college students are learning online.
  • South Korea is a leader in online education in Asia, with 17 virtual universities.

Online Schools in Asia

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