Online Colleges for Multimedia & Web Design

If you are interested in a career in multimedia and Web design, there are many ways to pursue the field. Online multimedia and Web design colleges are one way that you can be trained for the field, but you can also pursue traditional on site classes to learn more. Multimedia artists typically help with animation or other visual effects on video or with electronic media, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Web designers can help to design Web pages in conjunction with the needs of the client.  Degrees ranging from certificate to associate degree programs to in-depth bachelor's and master's degree programs are common in the field.

Career Outlook for Graduates of Multimedia and Web Design Programs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that graphic designers earned mean annual wages of $47,820 in 2009. For those who also have training in high-tech systems, you might consider leveraging an online multimedia and design degree into a career as a network systems and data communications analyst. According to the BLS, these trained tech professionals earned $76,560 in 2009. Job growth is expected for both careers, with a growth of 13 percent projected for graphic designers between 2008 to 2018 and a strong growth of 53 percent for network systems and data communications analysts.

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