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Online colleges serving Africa enroll diverse populations across the continent. Countries like South Africa have many well-established online universities, but even in less developed nations, online education is now an option. Though in some regions web access is not reliable, online schools serving Africa are finding solutions. For example, classes might deemphasize scheduled online discussion and feature more material to download. Wherever you attend, the benefits of online colleges are numerous.

Benefits of Online Schools Serving Africa

An estimated 20,000 people have left Africa annually since 1990, and many of those people have not returned after getting an education and a job elsewhere in the world. But because online colleges allow you to access course content from anywhere there is an Internet connection, many Africans can now attend school without emigrating. Now businesspeople and government workers who choose to study online in Africa are simultaneously advancing their careers through education and working to revitalize African economies and improve the general standard of living.

Thanks to the flexibility of online courses that allow you to do your classwork when and where it's convenient, and at your own pace, it's possible to hold a job or take care of your family while going to school. And online universities serving Africa are sometimes based in other countries or work in conjunction with prestigious international institutions that provide top-notch academic resources to students, especially women, who sometimes can't attend local universities for financial or societal reasons. And you can add to these profound benefits the general economic advantages of online schools, such as saving money on room and board and transportation.

Quick Facts

  • Partnering with schools in North America and Europe, online universities in Sub-Saharan Africa are offering a broad array of classes in subjects ranging from art to business, computer science to law.
  • Since 1997, 40,000 students have graduated from the continent's largest network of universities offering online classes, coordinated by an intergovernmental organization called African Virtual University.

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